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Towards more social mobility: the corona parental leave

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From yesterday's communication, it appears that telecommuting remains the norm, but no longer makes it an obligation. However, as long as the employee's job lends itself to it, it remains recommended that the employee work from home. Because the combination of work and private life is not equally evident to every employee, and certainly not at home, the Federal Council of Ministers already approved the 'corona parental leave' last week.

Employees who are parents of one or more children under the age of 12 can take an additional parental leave between May 1 and June 30, provided their employer agrees. The purpose of this measure is that parents would be able to better combine their work and the care of their children who, due to the corona measures, in most cases cannot yet or not fully enter childcare or school.


Who is eligible?

Any employee who has one or more children under the age of 12 or who is the parent of a disabled child may request corona parental leave provided the employee has at least 1 month of seniority in the service of his or her employer. This leave can also be requested by adoptive and foster parents. The employee always needs the agreement of his or her employer.

Corona parental leave is not charged to the credit of the regular parental leave an employee has per child. Thus, it is an additional parental leave.


How is this leave taken?

Corona parental leave can only be taken part-time (not full-time):

  • or by a reduction of benefits by 1/5 (if the employee works full time);
  • or by a reduction in benefits to a half-time position (if the employee works at least 75% of a full-time position).


This leave can be taken in a flexible manner during the validity period of this measure until June 30, i.e. in a continuous period, but also in weeks or months, consecutive or not.


How to apply.

The application process is shorter than for regular parental leave. The employee must notify his employer 3 working days in advance. But by mutual agreement between the employer and the employee, this leave can also start on a shorter period.


How much is the benefit?

Employees who take corona parental leave receive a benefit from the NEO that is 25% higher than the benefit for ordinary parental leave. The benefit for corona parental leave is per month considered for a parent of a two-parent family:

  • in the case of half-time leave, about 532 euros gross, i.e. about 440 euros net after deduction of withholding tax;
  • in the case of 1/5 leave, about 180 euros gross, i.e. about 150 euros net after deduction of withholding tax.


These amounts are subject to publication. Higher amounts apply to a single parent with whom the child is domiciled.


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