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PaxFamilia: a clear view of your wealth

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A clear overview of your global assets and cash flow? A clear view of your succession pressure and a digital safe in which you can keep your most important documents in guaranteed security? Thanks to the secure platform PaxFamilia Titeca can offer you this in one click.


1. Platform 

PaxFamilia is a digital estate planning tool that provides you with a secure platform for centralizing all the information surrounding your assets. This tool not only maps your assets and any debts, but also your cash flow and family and business structure.

In addition to offering a structured overview of your assets, donations already made or current loans can also be easily inventoried and consulted.

This tool provides you with the best possible information base to support you in your wealth, cash flow and succession planning and, as a result, take the hassle out of it completely.


2. Asset Planning

This digital tool makes it possible to monitor your assets thanks to the possibility of compiling a clear asset report, in which the movable and immovable assets of you and your family and the associated inheritance tax are structurally presented - using graphs and tables.

Multiple simulations can be performed based on the information on the platform: operation management, financial projections, asset balances, evolution of assets, succession calculation, etc.


3. Secure

Like Titeca, PaxFamilia attaches great importance to security, confidentiality and privacy. PaxFamilia's platform meets the banking industry's highest standards for security and confidentiality. Using a unique login, both you and your advisor can access your secure, online file 24/7 within Titeca. You decide with whom you share this information: your spouse, children, notary, etc.


4. Digital Vault

PaxFamilia also offers you a digital safe in which you can store, centralize and consult your most important documents at any time in absolute security.


5. What can Titeca do for you?

Where PaxFamilia uncovers any pain points in succession pressure or any shortfalls in your cash flow planning, the experts within Titeca guide you to fix them using our personalized advice.

With PaxFamilia, we have a useful, digital tool to assist you with advice and assistance.


If you want to know more about the operation of PaxFamilia, please contact us, we will be happy to introduce the platform to you. You can always reach us by calling 051 26 82 68 or by emailing .


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