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Ready for a terrace?

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While our neighbors in the north can already enjoy the reopening of the terraces and the slow return to normal life, we are all looking forward to the magical date of May 8. Enthusiastic customers will undoubtedly be there, but as a hospitality entrepreneur the question remains: are we ready again after all these months?

We give you a few checks in advance that it is best to go over before reopening your terrace.

  1. Ensure that the GKS system is adjusted to the temporary VAT rates:
    • The rate of 12% is reduced to 6%
    • Also the tariff of 21% is reduced to 6% (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages)
  1. Am I in control of my payroll?
  2. Has my cost structure been thoroughly reviewed?
  3. Is the registration of my client's contact information up to date?
  4. Have I looked at my margins?
    • The average margin for food is ideally 3
    • The average margin for beverages should ideally be: 3.5 /4
  1. Do I need a permit for my patio?
    • Tip: You can always check with your city government about this.


Even after the terraces reopen, all catering establishments remain entitled to public support. Below we give you a brief current overview.

  1. Flemish Protection Mechanism: A premium based on your turnover.
  2. Double bridging duty due to mandatory closure: also in May, the entire hospitality sector remains entitled to the double bridging entitlement.
  3. Restart Loan: companies with a concrete liquidity need can take out a loan to finance the purchases of trade goods, stocks and other restart costs. The loan will be provided for two or three years with an interest rate of 1 percent (will be available for application during May)
  4. Waiver/reduction/deferral of social contributions: Self-employed people in difficulty can waive, reduce, or defer their social security contributions.
  5. Repayment Plans: for various fiscal and social debts, one can obtain a repayment plan with exemption from penalties.
  6. Postponement of payment of Unisono invoice
  7. Sabam discount
  8. Vacation pay contribution exemption in the hospitality sector: the annual contribution for vacation pay will be paid by the government this year.


For a more detailed overview of the support measures, please refer to our support measures schedule.


If you have any questions about your reopening, feel free to contact your customer service representative.