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Sustainable business? Yes, you can!

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Investing in sustainable or circular entrepreneurship pays off. To encourage companies to innovate in this area, various subsidies are again becoming available. We would like to put two of them in the spotlight.


Ovam Reclyclage Hub

Flanders wants to transform itself at an accelerated pace into a major recycling hub, in order to realize a circular economy. To this end, OVAM is launching a premium for companies that will invest at least 500,000 euros in innovative recycling techniques to convert waste into raw materials.

These include, for example, new pre-treatment techniques, new recycling plants or innovative extensions of existing plants, adaptations of production processes to accommodate recycled materials...

The ambition here is to create a substantial environmental gain in relation to the support provided, such as environmental gains in the form of residual waste reduction, detoxification of the cycle (such as asbestos destruction) or reused quantities of recyclates.

The support granted is up to 35% of the additional cost of the innovative technology, with a maximum support amount of 3 million euros.

The call for 2021 has been open since October 25 and runs until December 10, 5 p.m.


Commuter Fund

To encourage the sustainability of mobility, there are targeted support measures and subsidies for entrepreneurs. The Commuter Fund is one of them. The objective of that fund is more sustainable commuting.

For the 13the time, the Commuter Fund is launching a call for financial support for employers in this regard. Projects that aim to reduce the number of car trips for commuting purposes may be eligible for subsidies from the fund.

For 50%, the Commuter Fund intervenes in the total project cost, with a maximum amount of support between 200,000 Euros (if one employer submits) and 400,000 Euros (for five and more submitters).

This call is expected during October.


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Last Updated: 27/10/2021