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The trade rental loan: overcoming the crisis together

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We can't ignore it anymore, the impact of the coronavirus on the entrepreneurial landscape is enormous. Not only did many companies have to close down during the lockdown, the effects are still being felt after the lockdown as well. As a result of the corona crisis, many companies are facing liquidity problems. In order to give companies more financial breathing space, the Flemish government created the trade rental loan, an initiative that was recently extended to the event sector.


1. What?

The commercial rent loan is based on a voluntary agreement between landlord and tenant whereby the landlord undertakes to waive one or two months' rent but is assured of the subsequent (max.) two months' rent advanced by the Flemish government. The payment is made directly to the landlord with a maximum of 35,000 EUR per tenant. The loan must be repaid in a maximum of 2 years, but the repayment must start after 6 months. The interest rate is fixed at 2% per year.


2. Conditions?

Companies that were eligible for the corona nuisance premium because they were forced to close all or part of their premises can apply for a commercial lease loan. In addition, since 17 August 2020, companies in the event sector are also eligible. Rental agreements relating to buildings or sheds where an event sector company stores its equipment are now also eligible. Finally, it must concern a rented building with a registered commercial lease (or similar legal structure) located in the Flemish Region.


3. How to apply.

The measure will take effect from the month of April and must be applied for by October 1, 2020 and can only be done online at - whereby both the tenant and the landlord must confirm the application. Only when both have confirmed, the trade rental loan has effectively been applied for and it will be verified that all conditions have been met. VLAOI will then communicate the decision by email to the tenant and landlord.

Upon approval of the trade lease by VLAIO, the tenant will be sent a loan agreement to sign. As soon as the signed loan agreement is returned, the rents will be paid into the account of the lessor.

In addition, a mutual agreement is automatically created based on the information filled out at the time of application. This mutual agreement serves as an addendum to the existing lease and can be downloaded from the website. It is recommended that both the tenant and the landlord print out this mutual agreement and attach it to the original lease.


If you have any additional questions, would like to call on us to submit the application or need assistance in any negotiations with your tenant/landlord, you can always reach us at 051 26 82 68 or via e-mail to