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Titeca raises 10,000 EUR for #DWW 2023, contributing to sustainable development for children and young people

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In 2023, The Warmest Week focused on growing up without worry. Sustainability in the warmest way possible, as no fewer than EUR 8,790,633 collected to Enhance the mental & physical well-being of children and youth. #DWW will create safe places for them in the coming year through numerous projects. Whether at home, at school, in their free time or online. Also, our Titeca pro accountants & experts contributed to this with their own warm actions. Inspired by our client-entrepreneurs, we showed a strong example of entrepreneurship ourselves and, as a team, achieved EUR 10,000 raised for The Warmest Week. 


From tiroler market to paddle tournament. From champagne bar to picon sales. And from trading in sweet baked goods to savory comfort food. Our pro accountants & experts pulled out all the stops to raise money for vulnerable children and young people. 'Besides accountants and experts, we are above all entrepreneurs, as these initiatives have proven once again,' says General Manager Lizbeth Nowé. 'The inspiring entrepreneurship we experience every day with our clients also encourages the entrepreneur in ourselves. That valuable interaction gives us so much additional insight in everything we do.'  


Sustainable look 

That insight also applies to sustainability. 'Sustainability is more than ever a people story. In 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were introduced by the United Nations, created in part to promote human equality, health and well-being. Since then, a host of additional sustainability measures have been added, such as ESG principles, for example. As an organization, we take our responsibility in this, with large and small actions such as now for #DWW. Not because it is imposed on us, but because we sincerely feel it is important. Sustainability is part of our vision. It is in the deepest part of our DNA. It is who we are. 


The warmest organization 

Helping children and young people have a carefree childhood is something we consider especially important. It gives them the stable foundation they need to grow throughout their lives. At Titeca it is also about getting opportunities, learning and developing yourself. And that in a safe environment where you can make mistakes, so you can learn from them. Our goal? To contribute to an organization full of happy employees, but first and foremost happy people. That too is sustainability. 

Are you like us all the way pro sustainability? Then check our sustainability page.