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Titeca goes PRO

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Virtually all accountancy firms claim they have become more than a conventional accounting organisation. But what does that mean? What is more? more? What makes Titeca distinctive? And above all: what advantages do our customers experience?

In the past year, CEO Fabian Missinne has asked all Titeca partners and employees these important questions. Their surprising answer?
Titeca is… PRO!


Over the past few weeks, thousands of Titeca clients and staff have received a unique personalised newsletter entitled: “The future is PRO.” In the Titeca newsletter, you can read all about a dozen inspiring trends and also get an insight into the firm’s ambitions:


Titeca aims to be the most proactive, professional and productive confidant of any entrepreneur and self-employed person.


Titeca has deliberately chosen to communicate this by means of an ‘old school’ newsletter.


Emmanuel Titeca:

“Over the past few years, we have made significant investments in digitisation. However, our greatest asset is the personal contact with our clients. That is why we opted for a paper newsletter. You can hold it in your hands and open it. In short: you give it your attention. And that is what we continue to do at Titeca: always give our personal attention to our clients. As human beings and as entrepreneurs. Our account managers know our clients inside out.”



Together with the new pro strategy, Titeca has also launched a brand-new website ( and updated its corporate image. The pro accountants and pro experts are the new pillars of the Titeca story.


Fabian Missinne:

“Over the past few years, our Titeca family has been strengthened with a lot of expertise. Too few people are aware that they can also rely on Titeca for professional advice in case of take-over, reorganisation, transfer, etc. The cross-pollination between our pro accountants and pro experts is what makes us truly unique. Central to our pro strategy is the ‘life cycle’ of each entrepreneur or self-employed person.




Our proactive, productive and professional outlook on this ‘life cycle’ is what sets us apart from the rest. That is the added value – the profit – we create for our clients. The Titeca pro approach is an extension of our previous range of services. And you may take this literally. Do you want to know what subsidies you are entitled to when starting up or developing your business? Go to Is it time you begin to plan your succession? We will help you on your way on Do you need a second opinion concerning tax-related matters? Via you can quickly and easily book an appointment with one of our pro experts …”


Titeca currently boasts 11 offices across the Belgian provinces of West Flanders and East Flanders. In the past year, the number of employees has risen to 268. New acquisitions and recruitments are under way within the scope of Titeca’s growth strategy.

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