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Titeca enters into a reinforcing partnership with Accofides Aalter

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On July 1, 2022, the new collaboration between Titeca pro accountants & experts and Accofides. And with that, the Roeselare accountancy group continues to live up to its mission since the very beginning in 1987. "Every day we help our clients develop further in their knowledge & entrepreneurship, under the motto #samengroeien", says CEO Fabian Missinne. "And we strive for the same for our 300 employees. As an entrepreneurial organization it is our ambition to continue to guarantee healthy growth for our clients and colleagues. For them, we always want to be one step ahead in a rapidly changing world. For them, we are always looking for the best solutions. For them, we continue to exist. Investing in a sustainable future with like-minded, local partners makes that possible." 


"Helping to realize the dreams of our customers and colleagues is what drives us," says Fabian Missinne. "We want to continue to deliver on that in the long term by investing in quality services, far-reaching expertise and digital support. And also: by being great in the little things. Let that be our biggest common ground with Accofides. Thanks to this new merger, we can now personally co-enterprise with our clients from 13 offices in Flanders. Easily accessible and close by. This gives us the opportunity to really get to know entrepreneurs, understand what is on their minds and empathize with their story. Because only when you know the dreams of your customer can you also help them realize them.


Entrepreneurship is buzz

"On July 1, 2022, the collaboration between Titeca and Accofides, the established Aalters accountancy firm of business partners Nico Vandenhende and Tom De Vriese, will begin. "Together with our six employees, we will soon proudly unburden our clients under the name Titeca. We ourselves will pull the story as two complementary partners," Nico Vandenhende & Tom De Vriese explain. "We got to know CEO Fabian Missinne back in 2018. What had already stuck with us then was his quote entrepreneurship is about giving buzz. Coincidentally, also the motto of Accofides. The seed for our cooperation was then unconsciously already planted!"


Shared DNA

"That buzz turned out to be far from the only common ground. We further got to know Titeca as a warm organization that loves to realize dreams, feel enthusiasm, grow together and make an impact on a productive, professional and proactive way. For their customers and their employees. And that is exactly what we believe in with all our hearts: bringing out the positive in our entrepreneurs, helping them to develop themselves and giving them energy to do business. And there are even more nice similarities: by anchoring locally, Titeca wants to be close to its customers. This is important to them, because they are more than just an accountant. Titeca is, like us, a confidant, sparring partner and personal co-entrepreneur who stands beside its clients. All values that flow together with our own Accofides DNA."


Strong together

"As a smaller firm, it's a challenge to be able to and know everything. With a strong group behind us, we have the opportunity to continue to make that happen for our clients and employees. We now get to offer our colleagues even more opportunities to make an impact, to increase their knowledge and to leute in the job. Our entrepreneurs can now additionally count on a team of pro experts: a specialized expert team with specific knowledge of succession planning, acquisitions, strategic business plans and financing techniques, among other things. All the expertise our clients need at every stage of their business is now under one roof. All this gives us even more enthusiasm to move forward together with our clients, to provide them with even better services and to achieve their goals. Accofides has always been a pioneer in digital business and finds here yet another match with Titeca, who is also a proud pioneer in online business. This allows us to continue to guarantee that far-reaching online support. Our parallel vision, complementary DNA and the same drive for innovation prove that we will be able to serve our clients even better in this new chapter."