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Titeca Knokke celebrates opening new office

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On Thursday, June 9, Titeca Knokke will be inaugurated by Titeca-CEO Fabian Missinne and office manager Kristof Staelens, in the presence of Knokse clients and colleagues. Since September 2021, the team of accountants and experts takes care of its clients from the new location on the Natiënlaan. "The new building embodies what Titeca stands for," says CEO Fabian Missinne. "In a digital age, personal contact really makes a difference. Getting to know our entrepreneurs and offering them full-service support tailored to their needs is what gives us satisfaction. That is why we position and organize our contemporary office for the customer."

"Being close to our customers, personally co-entering with them and realizing dreams together. That's what we love," says Fabian Missinne. "With this new location on the easily accessible Natiënlaan, we can continue to live up to that," Kristof Staelens joins him. "Whereas we were previously a fixture on Maurice Lippensplein, our customers now know their way to the premises on Natiënlaan. We are moving to a new location to provide our customers and colleagues with an even more pleasant place. The large parking lot, airy rooms and cozy environment contribute to this. It has really become a place where we can personally inform, advise and inspire our entrepreneurs in a relaxed atmosphere. Here there is room to feel enthusiasm."

Investing in services and expertise

"Our tax team consists of nine accountants and a support group of experts," Kristof Staelens continues. "Where you used to have to seek tax advice from a specialist firm, we at Titeca can now offer you answers to all your tax questions ourselves. A one-stop shop, where you are helped in every way in one visit. In order to continue this growth in knowledge and entrepreneurship for our clients, we continue to invest in Titeca's quality services and expertise. In the new building there is therefore room for the further expansion of the team. So soon there will be even more enthusiastic employees ready to productive, professional and proactively make an impact. And preferably, they do so in a personal way."

Personal in a digital age

"Growing also means evolving with digital business," explains Fabian Missinne. "Our office building is therefore fully equipped with the latest technical infrastructure. Via our digital platform James, the customer can follow up his or her accounts 24/24. And more and more documents are processed automatically. In addition, personal support has become more important than ever. We like to assist our clients in this abundance of information, guide them in every future-oriented decision and look at the possibilities that each phase of life brings. On a professional and private level. As a confidant, sounding board and sparring partner."