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Titeca Merelbeke moves to historic building in Wetteren

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As of April 1, 2024, the Merelbeke office will have a new location in Wetteren. And not just any location: the team will move into the old post office in Kwatrecht. A unique place that the professionalism where Titeca pro accountants & experts stands for, now exudes its full potential. 'It will be a place where both our team and our clients can continue to grow,' said office manager Michael Van de Velde.

'It is with renewed enthusiasm that we will soon take our clients to our stylishly finished office in Wetteren,' says Michael Van de Velde. 'The contemporary renovated building charms with authentic elements. Just think of the high ceilings, impressive windows and the many light-filled rooms. Old and new blend seamlessly. More than ever, we want to give our clients an insight into how we work, because we are absolutely proud of what we do. We therefore hope that every client, entrepreneur and partner will feel welcome to visit our new office.

Growth Environment

'Whoever says Titeca, says growth. Thanks to this relocation, our primary goal is to create more development opportunities for our employees. Because when we grow together as a team, we can make an ever greater impact with our services. In turn, our clients reap the benefits of that. Realizing entrepreneurial dreams, that is a mission that we productively continue to go for it. The new building also brings direct growth opportunities for our customers. In the accompanying carriage house, we will organize our own out of the ordinary events, networking sessions and engaging theme nights in a personal atmosphere.'

Looking to the future

'Accessibility was also an important factor in choosing a new office. Our future location is on the easily accessible Brusselsesteenweg in Wetteren. There are twelve underground parking spaces available for customers, fully equipped with charging stations for those coming by electric car. We like to stay proactively looking ahead, and this technologically equipped place offers us many opportunities.

Full-service consulting firm

'What entrepreneurs can expect from us? We maintain our individuality as a personal partner, regardless of location. More than ever, it is and remains our mission to support our entrepreneurs as a full-service office. That means we can provide valuable and reliable advice at every step in their life cycle. From start-up to retirement. On accounting and tax matters. Throughout professional and private life. In short: we take care of everything for our entrepreneurs. Getting this message across to both our existing and new customers will be an important objective in 2024.