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Titeca pro accountants & experts nominated for Yuki Sustainability Award 2024

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On Feb. 6, online accounting platform Visma | Yuki presented the annual Yuki Awards, at which Titeca pro accountants & experts together with PKF Bofidi and Creative Finance was nominated for the very first Yuki Sustainability Award. PKF Bofidi was the recipient of the award.

"Congratulations to the winner!", congratulates CEO Jurka Vanthournout. "In the accountancy sector, we are all pulling together on the same sail, out of our shared responsibility to further familiarize entrepreneurs with sustainability. Very nice that sustainable business gets extra attention thanks to this award."

"For us, sustainability and business go hand in hand," Jurka Vanthournout continues. "It has lived fervently in our vision since day one, and it is reflected in everything we do. Needless to say, we push particularly hard on greening. Just think of the use of solar panels & heat pumps, the electrification of our vehicle fleet and increasingly far-reaching digitalization. But we see sustainability much more broadly. Warmly committed to the mental well-being of our colleagues. Providing an inspiring and motivating workplace where people come together engaged. Remunerating our male and female colleagues in the same way. Grow personal customer contacts into valuable long-term relationships. Create solidarity actions for The Warmest Week, among others. Adopt endangered animals as WWF partners. That is also important to us. And we are not alone in this. Our society increasingly feels that sustainability goes so much further than caring for the climate. It's a story about respect, health, well-being, justice and equality that is fully embedded in our culture."


"There are a lot of new regulations around sustainability coming our way in the next few years, just think of the ESG reporting. Although for Titeca these do not feel like an obligation, quite the contrary. Although reporting is not mandatory until 2025, we are already preparing such an ESG report this year. Everyone has a role to play in the sustainability story. Every individual and every company. As an organization, we think it is important to take that responsibility, because we believe that we can and must change things in a positive way. For ourselves, but also for our 14,000 customers whom we inspire every day to take small steps forward in the sustainability story."

VOKA Charter Sustainable Business.

Titeca's sustainable vision was also noticed by Voka, Flanders' largest entrepreneurial network. "Voka selected us last year to participate in their sustainability project. Together with a team of experts and experience experts, we worked out an action plan last year, based on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Thanks to that plan, we have anchored sustainability even further in our organization and can work towards our goals in an even more focused way. A wonderful addition to what we've been doing so far. In April, Voka will evaluate our efforts. Do we get a positive evaluation? Then Titeca will be awarded the Voka Charter for Sustainable Enterprise. A special honor. Although of course we feel the greatest satisfaction in the fact that our organization has once again become a lot more sustainable."

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