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Titeca will soon also be taking care of business from its new office in Lokeren

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At the end of June 2022, Titeca will open pro accountants & experts in Lokeren are its twelfth branch, together with Mieke De Waele and her team. With the arrival of this new office, Titeca is sticking to what it has been striving for since its inception in 1987: #samengroeien. "Seeing our customers grow in knowledge and entrepreneurship is particularly satisfying," attests CEO Fabian Missinne. "And we are at least as happy when employees are able to grow and make more and more impact with their talents. As an entrepreneurial company with healthy ambitions, we want to continue to ensure this growth for our customers and colleagues, by investing in the future and entering into new, strengthening collaborations. This is how we help to realize the dreams of our customers and employees."


"Simply put, we want the very best for our customers," says Fabian Missinne. And we can achieve that by continuing to invest in Titeca's expertise. By offering our entrepreneurs even more services and quality. By continuing to embrace and expand the speed and convenience of digitalization. And by growing locally, so that we are always close by. Because the greatness of Titeca translates into the small scale and proximity to our customers. In this way we can really get to know entrepreneurs and co-enterprise with them personally. Thanks to the reinforcement of a new office in Lokeren, we continue to live up to this goal. Mieke's experience as an accountant and entrepreneur, our parallel leadership vision and the strong similarities in our DNA make us a perfect match."


Shared values

On April 1, the collaboration between Titeca and Mieke De Waele, from an accounting firm in Wetteren, started. "Our previous firm chose a new direction and put forward a vision that I did not feel connected to," Mieke De Waele explains. "In Titeca, I did find those shared values. Providing a warm contact, stimulating growth and putting things on a productive, professional and proactive way. And that for both our clients and our employees. We are more than just an accountant, we are an advisor & sparring partner who truly assists the client in every phase of their business. And who wants to make a meaningful impact with every decision that determines the future. A story that is translated into the life loop at Titeca. Because of so much common ground, I decided to join forces with Titeca, together with five colleagues. We will form a low-threshold, local office. But with great service."


Offer more added value

In the meantime, Mieke De Waele and her team have been working with the employees in the Ghent office for about two months. "We have been warmly welcomed, feel the enthusiasm and are exuberantly taken along in the Titeca flow by all colleagues. A particularly motivating environment for my team: I see everyone growing in their individuality. At the moment we are fully acquainted with the Titeca pro experts, a specialized team of experts that our customers can now call on for specific questions about succession planning, acquisition support, financing techniques or the development of strategic business plans. We can also count on our own supporting IT, administration and marketing departments and we will receive guidance from the People & Culture team. At the end of June, we will move back to Lokeren, where we will take up residence in a recently renovated building at 158A Steenweg in Ghent. From then on, we will be able to take care of our clients in Lokeren and the surrounding area in terms of accounting and tax matters."