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Titeca strengthens from surprising angle

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With the choice of Lizbeth Nowé as General Manager Titeca makes an important statement: you must dare to complement your own knowledge and experience with expertise from other sectors. Although she is no stranger to the service sector, Lizbeth Nowé's career was mainly spent in the fashion industry: an industry in which success is largely dependent on feeling out the wishes of the customer. This customer and people orientation will undoubtedly be a spearhead for the future of Titeca.

Fabian Missinne (CEO & Partner): "It was my conscious decision to look over the wall in the search for the right General Manager. Our ambitions are big. We are much more than a classic accounting firm. For example, we assist our clients with virtually all decisions in which figures are decisive. From buying a car to acquisitions, succession planning: we have the right expertise in-house. Showcasing our broad range through traditional channels is no longer enough. That's why we've teamed up with Lizbeth who, thanks to her years of experience in various sectors, is now bringing a breath of fresh air to our communication strategy. In short, Lizbeth and I form the tandem in the growth development of Titeca.

Lizbeth Nowé: "There are a lot of prospects and opportunities on the shelf; I love that. Titeca's broad and specialized services come from people. Just because our clients have so many different needs throughout all phases of life and entrepreneurship, we offer more and more services and advice. We are there at every big and small step. Literally even, very close, because we are going to expand the number of branches to be closer to the customer. That 'people factor' will be the cornerstone of our approach."

"And we can also extend this to our own employees, whose professionalism and expertise mean real added value for the customer. Further expanding our team, which now numbers almost 250 people, through targeted recruitment is one of my priorities. People are increasingly looking for a job that offers variety and is meaningful, instructive and challenging. It struck me from day one how distinctive Titeca is. So I am hereby launching my first appeal to anyone looking for an exciting job in the world of business advice: let's get acquainted.