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Titeca strengthens with figrz Oostende

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Titeca makes another appearance with the announcement of a new, strengthening partnership. Since its founding in 1987, Titeca has approached its clients as an advisor in general, far beyond pure accounting. "Entrepreneurs need a sounding board, someone to test ideas against and discuss them with. From that way of working we have continued to grow, and we still do so proudly today," says founder Emmanuel Titeca. Titeca will soon continue this inspiring approach in Ostend together with the like-minded figrz.

Titeca has found a powerful partner in figrz, with a team of 28 employees. Taking care of the customer personally based on a long-term relationship, working tailored to his needs and being the first point of contact in case of questions or concerns. According to this vision, Titeca and figrz Oostende are going into partnership. Both want to be a real partner in life for their customers and exuberantly co-enterprise with them. From the position of soulmate, Titeca felt that it should be physically close to the customers. A further expansion to the coast was therefore a logical next step for the accountancy group. After Knokke, Titeca will now also set foot in Oostende.


Joining forces

Titeca CEO Fabian Missinne proudly looks ahead to the new partnership: "Customised quality advice, far-reaching customer service and a personal way of working are strengths that typify figrz and that will definitely be retained. Titeca adds the strength of the bigger picture. From Roeselare figrz can count on its own supporting IT, HR, administration and marketing departments. Specific questions about succession planning, acquisition guidance, financing techniques or the development of strategic business plans can now be put by their clients to the Titeca Experts. This team of specialized in-house experts offers advice according to the specific needs in the different life phases of the entrepreneur and the company. Furthermore, Titeca & figrz are going to work together even more strongly on the right digitalization, so that more time and space are freed up for what really counts: advising customers personally and proactively and taking care of them. And that throughout their entire life cycle.


Future Perspective

This long-term vision is exactly what figrz is also aiming for. "By merging, we want to achieve both the continuity of the firm, an ongoing service for the client and growth opportunities for our team," explains figrz founder Jan Vercruysse. "It is important to us that we can do that with a partner who has a real contagious drive, puts equal ambitions first and strives for the same standards and values as we do ourselves. In Titeca we have found that companion". In that perspective, Steffie Ver Eecke and Pascal Tourlemain, partners at figrz, also join the Titeca group as partners, so that their knowledge and experience will also contribute to Titeca's long-term vision. Jan Vercruysse remains active as a business partner at Titeca Ostend, which also retains the location in the Lijsterstraat.


Shared Mission

The new cooperation between Titeca and figrz will mainly manifest itself in an even more far-reaching service. In doing so, they continue to build on a shared mission: To be the most important confidential advisor for entrepreneurs and the self-employed by informing, inspiring and advising from a great personal involvement. And that with every decision that will determine the future. Titeca fulfills that mission with 260 employees spread across 11 offices. "Together, our team serves customers in a warm-human way," Missinne says. "Titeca continues to expand, but organizes its services very personally and locally: close to the client and tailored to each specific situation."