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Saving on your water usage? Consider the Blue Deal support

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With the 'Blue deal' program, the Flemish Government wants to tackle the drought problem in a structural way and with an increased use of resources and instruments.

The second project call within this program is open from May 2 and closes on July 8, 2022. Through this call, SMEs can apply for support for investments in technologies that significantly contribute to the drought problem.


What investments are eligible?

The Blue Deal call supports investments in water conservation, drought relief, and restoring groundwater levels. Specifically, it may include:

  • Rainwater collection and treatment
  • Purification and reuse of wastewater, regardless of source
  • (Improved) infiltration of rainwater or discharged and clean water
  • Management systems of collection, infiltration, ...
  • Desalination of seawater
  • Water conservation within existing processes
  • Water Drainage

The technologies deployed may not qualify for the Ecology premium plus (EP+) and Strategic ecology support (STRES)..

A minimum investment of € 10,000 is required.


How much is the support?

Small businesses receive 20% support, medium-sized ones 10%.

The maximum amount of support is €500,000.

When is a business small or medium-sized?
Size Number of FTE   Annual turnover OR balance sheet total  
Small business < 50 <= 10 million OR <= 10 million
Medium-sized enterprise < 250 <= 50 million OR <= 43 million


How to apply.

The application for support is made digitally through the Flemish government's entrepreneurs' counter.

The application consists of a project description and a project budget.

The 5 evaluation criteria are:

  1. Impact of the investment and link to the goals of the call
  2. Substantiated Approach
  3. Environmental permit test
  4. Economic feasibility of the project.
  5. Taxation of the environment

Impact is scored at 50 points, the other criteria together also at 50 points. Projects have to score more than 25 points on both impact and on the whole of the other criteria, and thus at least 50 points in total (and not be excluded on the last criterion 'Environmental Impact'). A ranking of the projects is established. The grant is awarded to the best-ranked projects, decreasing until the budget is exhausted.

The application deadline is Friday, July 8.


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