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Frequently Asked Questions

When submitting, make sure that your file is as complete as possible. That way the bank has all the necessary information to draw up a credit proposal. In addition, a well prepared and complete file also gives a professional impression. Documents that should definitely not be included in the credit application are the financial data (past & future) of the parties involved and an explanation of the borrower and the investment project.

When the bank grants a loan, guarantees are always requested for this. The type of guarantee always depends on the financing that is granted. For financing the purchase, construction or renovation of a property, the combination of a mortgage registration and a mortgage mandate is preferred.

For financing of working capital, a pledge of corporate assets is usually established. For acquisition financing, this is usually a pledge on the shares.

The interest rate granted always consists of the combination of a base rate and a margin. The longer the term of the loan, the higher the base rate. In addition, the bank charges a margin. This margin is a fee that the bank receives for the risk it takes and for the cost of processing the credit. The margin always depends on the type of file, the company figures and the purpose of the credit.

Do you choose a long-term loan with a variable interest rate? Then your interest rate will be based on a short-term rate and will therefore be lower. Keep in mind that interest rates can then increase (for a company) without limit at the next interest rate revision.

In addition to interest charges for the entire duration of the credit, a handling fee is always charged when taking out a credit. Periodic management charges also apply to all loans. For credits which are not immediately fully drawn down, a reservation fee may also be applicable. Costs that may be indirectly linked to the request for a loan are costs for establishing guarantees (notary), additional insurance and fees.

Verify that your credit agreement is fully consistent with your credit proposal. For this purpose, be especially attentive to the guarantees and additional conditions that are provided.

When refinancing a credit, you should consider the various costs associated with its early repayment. In addition, the current interest rate of the credit and the remaining term are also very important. For large companies, the refinancing of a credit with a fixed interest rate is never interesting. For SMEs and individuals, refinancing should be calculated case by case.

By using the real estate lease has more collateral in the file. This allows the bank to grant a higher credit amount at an advantageous rate. Keep in mind that a real estate lease cannot be terminated in the first 15 years without tax consequences. As this is a complex construction it always requires legal and accounting assistance.

To finance a car, you can go to both a credit institution and your supplier. In addition to classic financing, leasing is also a very popular option. With on-balance leasing, the purchase option at the end is always less than 16%; with off-balance leasing it is always higher. With off-balance leasing, there is also an option to purchase additional services.

In addition to traditional bank financing, you can turn to various parties. On the one hand, people your environment (FFF) can offer your financing in the form of donations, loans or capital. The same goes for external investors. Keep in mind that professional investors always expect a market-based return for their investment. For start-ups and growth companies, various government agencies also offer financial support in the form of grants, loans or capital.

If further optimization of your working capital (accounts receivable management, advance billing, ...) is not possible, you can turn to the bank for a fixed advance or straight loan. There are also various forms of factoring. Examples include traditional factoring with or without recourse, silent factoring and single invoice factoring. Given that these are rather complex (and expensive), they are mainly aimed at large and stable companies.

Financing a foreign property with a Belgian bank is only possible if there are guarantees that the bank can rely on. Examples include domestic real estate that is free and unencumbered or an investment portfolio that exceeds the loan amount.

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