Transferring your family business? From hot potato to hot topic

Titeca Pro Academy, for and by entrepreneurs

When? May 2, 2023 from 6 p.m.
Where? 3Square Events Zwijnaarde

Prepare your legacy at the Titeca Pro Academy!

The majority of Belgian companies are a family business, of which 40% is headed today by a 55-plus. An observation that will ensure an acquisition wave over the next 10 years. However, not every family business is actively pursuing demand: How do we see the future? Do we want the company to remain in the hands of the children or would we rather sell to a third party?  

It is also a topic for many entrepreneurs that is not easily thrown on the table and consequently put off. But now don't let procrastination be the best strategy. Transferring a business, family or not, takes time and is a process that has its ups and downs 

Do you own a family business Or do you belong to the "next gen" wondering what's in store for you in an acquisition or want to know exactly how to bring up that hot potato? 

In this Titeca Pro Academy, we stand with our pro experts dwell on the various (strategic, financial and legal) concerns involved in a family transfer and engage in a conversation with 3 entrepreneurs who have already gone through this exercise. 

  • Johan Heemeryck (Heem Invest): talks about his experience where his children made the choice not to enter the family business.
  • Emmanuel Titeca (Titeca Pro Accountants & Experts): talks about his experience of taking over a family business and the challenges involved. 
  • Gaspard Poelman (AO76 / American Outfitters): talks about his experience of following in his mother's footsteps. 

After the panel discussion, it is time to connect: pose your specific question to one of our experts in a one-on-one conversation and prepare for the future, both yours and your company's.

Because we want to make this evening as engaging as possible, we ask that you include below what question (for our pro expert or the members of our panel discussion) you absolutely want answered! 

To guarantee the quality of the evening, places are limited. Registration is possible at € 125 (excl. VAT) using the form below.

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Registrations for this course have unfortunately closed. Keep an eye on our channels for another Titeca Pro Academy.





Dear participant, during our event we will take limited atmospheric images. These are intended to be posted on our website and social media. Should you wish not to be depicted recognizably, please inform the organizer of this.