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Bauke, rhythmically ambitious




Bauke Has been working in the accountancy department at Titeca Roeselare since 2015. Together with an 11-member team, she punctually puts things in order for the quarterly returns, the filing of the annual accounts, tax advice...

As a client manager, she guides some 30 entrepreneurs from small to large. Bauke is self-confident, knows her stuff, juggles numbers and indulges in after-hours hip-hop. So much for the numbers...

Boogie move, move, move....

Bauke could dance rather than walk and has been dancing for as long as she can remember. As a toddler she started with ballet lessons and gymnastics. After that supplemented with modern dance and hip-hop. She trained 6 to 8 hours a week. Bauke lives dance and beams when she talks about her passion: "I have been dancing at Polydans (Kortrijk) since 2004 (contemporary dance, classical ballet and hip-hop) and have been giving dance classes on Friday evenings for five years now. On Monday evening you can find me teaching at Ariadne-Eureka (Anzegem)."

Picture of test


"Titeca is coming home for me, you work here in a cool atmosphere. Titeca has a flat structure, focused on knowledge exchange."

Strike a pose

Bauke also danced semi-professionally in the productions of 'Passerelle', an association that bridges the gap between the amateur dance network and the professional dance network. She danced in projects with choreographers such as Bérengère Bodin (Les Ballets C de la B) and Alexander Vantournhout.

Creative decathlete

A sporty busy bee, that Bauke. As the daughter of 2 physiotherapists, she is consciously occupied with her body. Even during her Commercial Science studies she gave priority to her dance class on Fridays, and she kept up with her studies quickly by reading notes from fellow students.

Once a year her schedule gets even busier and she invents her own choreographies for the family performances of Polydans and Ariadne-Eureka at the Kortrijk Theatre.

Bauke is a versatile creative, she followed 12 years of drawing school in Harelbeke. She no longer applies it, but the techniques are still in her fingers.

Eager to learn

"I deliberately chose to study Commercial Sciences at UGent. It is a broad education that offers you some freedom in your choice of career afterwards. You are stimulated both for languages and mathematics... an education for decathletes," she smiles.

She met Titeca at a seminar and had an 'instant click' with Sylvie, Fabian and Charlotte. Charlotte is now also her team leader and 'meter' at Titeca. Her ambition? She hopes to follow in Charlotte's footsteps. She likes to share her knowledge with new colleagues at work, coaching and teaching are her thing. No empty words, she already obtained a second degree in 'Applied Taxation' and will soon take part in the entrance exam to obtain the necessary IAB title with a 3-year internship.

From paperwork to more advice

"You don't think about it, this is a profession with a lot of deadlines, quarterly returns, filing the financial statements. There is a good team spirit here and we can also count on each other when we can use an extra helping hand. As a partner to the entrepreneur, Titeca is increasingly striving to advise entrepreneurs through the advanced digitalization of accounting.


And beyond that?

Bauke is building her own 'home' with her boyfriend in Kuurne not far from her warm nest in Harelbeke. She likes to travel, but teaching comes first. Bauke, on the move...

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