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Crea, all-round business





Benedict Cosaert is the owner of Crea nv, specialized in printing plastics for more than 30 years.

Crea produces 'Point of Sale' material for retail companies, such as department stores, and also focuses on label production.

From all-round to wrap around

Benedict is 44 years old and started himself in his father's business at the machines, but soon he was bitten by sales, ... first domestic, then foreign, ... He eagerly took a bite out of the best sales training courses.

In 2005, he took over the general management of Crea. As the fourth generation, starting in 2011, he brought the company of his ancestors to a higher level. He further focused on 3 new niche markets, wrap around labels, stab labels and in-mould labels.

With the establishment of sister company Cosapack , he now offers a wide range of options for printing flexible packaging. Such as wrap around labels and shrink sleeves that take the shape of bottles.

Crea IML produces in-mould labels, which are wafer-thin labels that are fused together with packaging such as on ice cream boxes.

It didn't stop there, with Crea Green, he produces stick-on labels for plants in the greenery sector for customers all over Europe.

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"Titeca is my entrepreneurial sounding board"

In and around the church tower and well beyond it

We find the germ of the company as early as 1918 after the first world war. His great-grandfather printed birth announcements and obituaries and was also a sexton. Under the church tower, he was close to the demand. His grandfather added commercial printing to the business and a small store of stationery. His father took over the store and expanded into the production of brochures, leaflets

The business became one of the first printing companies with its own design department. He brought the idea of printing on plastic with him from Germany, the basis for Crea today.

Now Benedict works with 66 employees, with offices in Roeselare and production now located in the new company buildings in Gits.

Titeca stood side by side with Benedict in acquiring these new commercial buildings and obtaining their strategic transformation support (grants).

"I go for it, I undertake!"

Benedict is an all-round multi-entrepreneur who keeps investing, with broad view, fluid and flexible, can let go when he needs to. "We have to be with it, that's entrepreneurship!". He clearly enjoys entrepreneurship. He quickly learned to 'dream big'. In short, he is a daredevil and doer with a great deal of knowledge and allows himself to be surrounded by strong advisors where necessary.

As a very social youngster, he was already introduced to Emmanuel Titeca at the KSA. When he took over the company, he resolutely opted for personalized advice. The collaboration with Titeca is one that he greatly appreciates in tackling his varied entrepreneurial challenges. The personal connection and trust with Titeca is great.

The gravy!

Where does he get the "gravy," his fuel, his inspiration? He traveled on his own to China and to Silicon Valley and books an inspiration trip every 1-2 years to keep his finger on the pulse. He learns daily from his clients, looks at their challenges and helps them sell even better. His best advice for other entrepreneurs? "Get out from under your bell jar, get outside." 

And in his "spare time"!

Then you will find him behind the wheel of an old-timer, or behind 1 of the 4 newspapers he reads every weekend or just at the table with friends. He also looks forward to coaching his children with their future entrepreneurial dreams. Entrepreneurship, lifelong ...

Is entrepreneurship in your blood too?

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