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James, a personal digital butler for every entrepreneur!




At Titeca, we strive to provide our entrepreneurs with even better support in their professional activities every day. With tailored advice and user-friendly tools. Such as a new portal for administration and reporting, that the appropriate name JAMES got.

Partner Marc De Moor, head of the Accountancy department at Titeca, explains the choice of this name: "JAMES is there for you 24/7, stores your documents and tells you where you stand as an entrepreneur at any time. As the icing on the cake, there is also an additional module available that structures your entire assets and maps them visually. This allows you to be on the ball shortly and steer your business and/or assets in a targeted manner to suit your needs."

Welcome to the digital highway!

Digital business has become indispensable for companies. As a trusted partner, Titeca supports the entrepreneur in this new challenge, with targeted answers and solutions. "And it's catching on. Since JAMES was launched in May, many customers have already started working with it. In this way, they have seen their company evolve into a digital organization.", says Marc.

In recent years Titeca has undergone a major internal transformation in terms of digitalization. When choosing new software, the starting point was always the (future) needs of the entrepreneur. Marc De Moor: "All internal software that did not meet our criteria was replaced. Just think of cloud based, open structure, automation options and accessibility from any device. Our employees enthusiastically jumped on the train. What's more, they reinforced our transformation by actively shaping our internal digitization. Our customers are now also reaping the benefits of this joint thinking exercise."



"Since the launch of JAMES in May, many entrepreneurs have already started working with it. Thus, they have seen their business evolve into a digital organization."

Maximum relief

With JAMES, we want to further unburden business owners and provide peace of mind about their financial records.  

Through this platform, all documents and results of the company are presented in a visually understandable way. "These are up-to-date key figures that every entrepreneur wants to see, supplemented weekly with monthly or quarterly reports. No uniformity but specific reports tailored to the company and/or sector," says Marc. 

"The digital workflow provides enormous time savings. By constantly monitoring the results, we can avoid unpleasant surprises and work together on substantiated income maximization."

Exclusive entrepreneurial solution !

JAMES is offered exclusively and free of charge to every Titeca customer. "A thank you for the long-term cooperation and loyalty," Marc De Moor adds. "Together with JAMES we want to further strengthen our role as sparring partner of the entrepreneur based on understandable and accurate figures. We support the (personal) growth of entrepreneurs with our specialized knowledge on financial, social and legal structuring,

income maximization, strategic business advice and a personal development plan. Nothing is more fun to help realize an entrepreneurial dream!"

Innovation as an engine

For a proactive long-term partner, the work is never done. Titeca is constantly looking for new tools and solutions that support its customers in their growth trajectory. Meanwhile, new projects on artificial intelligence and automation are underway with the aim of bringing together structured real-time data and knowledge of the business in an insightful way. 

"This extensive digitization enables us to take our collaboration and advisory role to an even higher level. Time is scarce, so we want to use it as much as possible for what is really important for the entrepreneur: to be the listening ear, the confidant who helps find solutions and this in every phase of the life of the company and the entrepreneur. This is the motto that we at Titeca want to continue to nurture, together with our <>", Marc concludes.

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