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Meet Bruce Lee on 2 wheels





Bruce has been a professional bicycle mechanic and salesman for 7 years now, specializing in sophisticated sports bikes, more specifically, mountain bikes. Qualitative city and children's bikes are also part of his wide range.

He got the entrepreneurial blood and the 'work hard' spirit from home. His parents made custom windows and doors, and from a young age he went out on the road with them every vacation, rolling up his sleeves.

A true course!

Bruce Vercaemst and his wife Nathalie just opened, on 07/04, with great pride the doors of their brand new premises at Torhoutsesteenweg 139, 8210 Zedelgem in West Flanders. The business has been in existence for 5 years and from these new premises, their future entrepreneurial path looks good. That deserves a compliment ... you'll discover it here.

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"Titeca puts things in order for me, right on time!"

Bruce... from 'bleiter' to Belgian and European champion

Hard to believe, but by his own admission he used to be a "mama's keppe," but Bruce is more than a sports guy in both senses of the word. Through his father's passion, he practiced karate for 25 years including quite a few years at the top level. He tells us very modestly and quietly, he was 4 times Belgian champion, 3 times European champion. Bruce Lee? Indeed, he owes his name to Lee.

Rolled into it... on two wheels

As a child, his interest in mountain biking was already strong. At the age of 16 he couldn't take it anymore and bought his first mountain bike, on which he always worked himself. He also found his way on the 'racing bike' up to 'amateur level'. Bruce is a sporty competitive animal, if he does something, he does it well, an entrepreneurial trait. 

After a career of around 15 years as a self-employed carpenter, the 'cycling bug' finally got the better of him and he followed his lead. Although he already had the 'bicycle mechanics' down pat, he started training as a bicycle mechanic. He got his diploma and didn't waste any time. The very next day, he had his own VAT number and with his savings he bought parts and bicycles to start from his own garage.

The moment

By riding his own races, his business quickly caught on like a fire via word of mouth. Through a customer of his, he 'luckily' ended up at Titeca in Roeselare, in his own words.

And then the tipping point arrived, after a conversation with advisor Marc van Titeca, he got the green light.

Pushing forward. The bike cap off!

Bruce and Nathalie took their bold step and bought a building lot through a public auction. To their own surprise, they bid the highest. And after a solid period of the necessary sacrifices by the whole family, pushing, shoving and stomping, their business is now shining on the Torhoutsesteenweg.

And then the tipping point arrived, after a conversation with advisor Marc van Titeca, he got the green light.

Is entrepreneurship in your blood too?

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