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About Titeca

Titeca, services with spirit, by and for entrepreneurs




Doing and 'deuring'  

"Titeca is an accounting firm filled with doers, not sayers," managing partner Emmanuel Titeca says with a no-nonsense conviction. "We think and creatively build a future with and for our client. We live and work close to entrepreneurs, side by side. Titeca is a full-service, progressive accounting firm with 10 different branches and 200 employees spread across West, East Flanders and Hainaut. Local presence and customized service, close to the client, are high on our list of priorities."

Far ahead and intimately close 

"We pursue an 'intimate' relationship with our clients, far beyond the obligatory administration and accounting. Right... accounting is a means of entrepreneurship, but is not an end in itself," says partner Fabian Missinne. "We are entrepreneurs ourselves and invest a lot in knowledge. We can perfectly empathize with the many issues of our 'customer entrepreneurs'. The Titeca customer managers are discussion and sparring partners who unburden, advise and motivate entrepreneurs. Our mission is to offer solutions with added value at an affordable price."

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"As an entrepreneur, you as a human being are the focus of our attention with a focus on your future, your business."

From '87 to '17, a growth story       

Titeca was founded in 1987 in Roeselare by Henri Titeca. In 1997 we followed our customers, looking for extra space, across the language border. We also set foot in Mouscron. This was followed by a story of internal growth, new collaborations and takeovers. Today you have a Titeca accountant at 11 different locations. You can find a Titeca accountant in Roeselare, Mouscron, Merelbeke, Bruges, Knokke, Ghent, Ypres, Waregem, Maldegem, Kortrijk and Ostend.

Titeca is now a partnership of 14 entrepreneurs. Besides Emmanuel and Fabian, also Philiep Blomme, Frank Vercruysse, Els Decru, Marc De Moor, Bram Cornelis, Jurka Vanthournout, Alex Soete, Charlot Depoortere, Corneel Maertens, Geert De Somere, Pascal Tourlemain and Steffie Ver Eecke joined the team of Titeca partners. Because of this valuable knowledge sharing, Titeca is not dependent on just 1 or 2 key people. 

Four fiery reasons to 'partner' with Titeca          

1. "Nie ga, da ga nie!" 
"I see it every day, entrepreneurs struggling with a complex set of issues," testifies Emmanuel. "Just like in the healthcare sector, Titeca has a lot of specialists in house that we call on when solving challenging issues together with our clients. These are our pro experts.

This department consists of specialized staff, serving all offices. Titeca clients can always call on this additional knowledge in areas such as legal advice, tax and financial optimizations, subsidies and strategic advice."

2. Personalized advice that fits like a custom suit      

"Titeca is not a standard accounting firm that just juggles numbers. As an entrepreneur, you as a human being are the focus of our attention with a focus on your future, your business.

Each customer has 1 point of contact, 1 customer representative who helps our customers move forward. We are at home in all markets. The Titeca customer base consists of a mix of sole traders, SMEs and large companies, from various sectors such as manufacturing, services, hospitality, retail and wholesale, construction, liberal professions, etc. Our teams of accountants offer relevant added value as a partner specializing in your sector."

3. Knowledge is (entrepreneurial) power        
"Make no mistake, accounting and administrative obligations remain important, but thanks to automation, the services of our accountants are evolving more and more towards offering solutions. The proportion of advisory services is therefore increasing, which is why we are permanently investing in the training of all Titeca employees."

4. Surprisingly different, far beyond the numbers     
"Expect more, far beyond those typical conversations only about numbers at the end of each fiscal year. We think and build a future with and for our client. We do business together, from the shoes of our 'client entrepreneurs'. Titeca accountants go for it with a smile. We strive for a good relationship. Doing business should be fun, the result of an inspiring and energetic dialogue."


Entrepreneurial Sounding Board

What do you think? You are undoubtedly an entrepreneur who undertakes, not undergoes. Are you looking for an accountant and entrepreneurial partner in the region of Roeselare, Mouscron, Merelbeke, Bruges, Knokke, Ghent, Ypres, Waregem, Maldegem and Kortrijk ? Entrepreneurship is in our blood. We like to partner with you. Titeca is your entrepreneurial sounding board, close to you. Make use of it.  Make an appointment with no obligation or pop in to see us! 

Is entrepreneurship in your blood too?

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