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Wim, clenched advice




Capable versatile


Wim is a passionate tax advisor to the SPE department, Titeca's Special Projects Entity, this for specific advice to employees and clients. 


The brainwashing of this department focuses on 2 things. The SPE department keeps a close eye on current affairs, such as new legislation and new circulars. Wim and his colleagues spread this knowledge internally across the 10 different Titeca offices in Flanders. SPE answers complex questions of entrepreneurs concerning takeovers, real estate purchases, restructuring of company groups, etc. On the other hand, the SPE team creates standard documents and calculation tools to allow the work for entrepreneurs and the Titeca customer advisors to proceed efficiently.

Picture of test


"I love the open atmosphere at Titeca and the freedom I have to organize my work."

Conspicuously concrete

In 2011 Wim started at Titeca, immediately after his studies in accountancy and taxation. In 6 years he saw the Titeca team grow enormously.

He likes the open atmosphere at Titeca, the freedom he has to organize his work and to deepen his knowledge to support entrepreneurs. In the meantime he has built up a broad knowledge, also apart from tax and accountancy. He gives entrepreneurs quick and swift, concrete advice with which they can get to work.

Rolled into it...

Wim is athletically ambitious, loves challenges and is only too happy to alternate his brain work with after-hours sports. He has been playing korfball for 12 years in 4th national competition.


Gallant, in a box....

A korfball field is strictly divided into 2, just like the team. You stand in the attacking plane or defensive plane, the players have to stay in their box. Wim excels at defending. "Korfball is not coincidentally the only mixed ball sport in the league," he winks. The team of Blue Ghosts Anzegem, consists of 4 ladies and 4 men. Wim trains 2 x 1.5 hrs per week combined with weekend matches.

Busy legs

Wim has no sitting down, loves to be outdoors and complements his love of korfball with a love of the wheel. After hours you can often find him on the mountain bike, a sport with spirit, adventure, action and suffering.

Since Wim works at Titeca, he also found his way to the 'koersvélo'. Three times a year he takes to the road with like-minded, weighted Titeca colleagues.

Pur sang scout

Wim also likes to travel and explore other regions. He also likes to stay at the office on Friday evenings to finish off the week with his colleagues.

Ambition? He continues to chase knowledge and strives in the long run to further expand the expertise of the SPE department, to further professionalize it.

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