Strategic transformation support

What is strategic transformation support?

Companies in Flanders that are implementing a transformation with a strong innovative character to strengthen their international competitiveness can receive Strategic Transformation Support (STS) for investments and training.

The investment and or/training costs must reach a minimum threshold over a maximum period of 3 years, which differs depending on whether the company is small, medium or large (cf. European SME definition).

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Companies can apply for this grant for transformations with a strong innovative character in order to strengthen their international competitiveness.

When can I use strategic information support?

To be eligible for this grant, your project must meet five evaluation criteria:

  1. The extent to which the project innovative is.
  2. The extent to which the project contributes to the international competitiveness of the company. To this end, among other things, a competition analysis must be added as a mandatory appendix.
  3. The extent to which the project contributes to the preservation ecologically, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or to adapt to climate change, and to achieve sustainability in the social field. To this end, among other things, a climate plan must be added as a mandatory annex.
  4. The extent to which the project contributes to the anchoring of the company and the employment and the overall strengthening of the enterprise in its internal or external value chain. If no additional employment is created, no aid can be granted.
  5. The extent to which the project contributes to the strengthening the value chain or cluster that is of strategic importance to Flanders, and to the strengthening of the Flemish economy.

How much is the strategic transformation support?

The aid takes the form of a percentage contribution to eligible costs:

  • 8% on the eligible investment costs
  • 20% on eligible training costs

The maximum support ceiling is 500,000 euros. However, projects of exceptional importance in terms of sustainability or climate can receive up to EUR 1 million in support per company.

Eligible costs are:

Investment costs

Only investments that are included in the asset side of the balance sheet (heading 21-27 of the financial statements) and depreciated as fixed assets are eligible.

Investments must be strategic. This means that replacement or expansion investments are not eligible in any case. Land and office buildings are also excluded.

Training costs

Only the costs for flanking training that can be directly linked to the transformation are eligible.

Consequently, are not accepted: legally required training, safety training, induction training for new employees, ...

How can I apply for strategic transformation support?

Strategic transformation support must be requested online in a VLAIO web application at the latest in the month before the project starts.

The main components of the application file are the strategic transformation plan (following a mandatory guideline) and a detailed budget of investment and training costs. In addition, there are a number of mandatory annexes containing mainly financial business information.

Strategic transformation support can be applied for on an ongoing basis.


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