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Your enterprise. Your entrepreneurship. You, as an entrepreneur and human being. That is our passion. And we're not just thinking of established companies, but also of starters in a secondary occupation, starting a sole proprietorship or an SME. The form of your business does not matter to us. It is your drive and vision for the future that intrigues us. Thinking along with you, exploring different avenues and holding up a realistic mirror to you at the right moment. That is what we like to create added value for you.

Always wanting to be one step ahead

We are more than an accountant. In addition to the accounting and legal obligations, we mainly look at what needs you have, what choices or challenges you face and where you want to go. As a discussion partner, first point of contact and confidant. This is how we can best unburden you and choose the right direction for your business. More so, for your whole life. Because choices you make professionally affect your personal life, and vice versa. And that's how we like to build our relationship, if it feels comfortable to you. There is nothing better than helping someone's business start up, being invited to the wedding party, witnessing the birth of a child, and ultimately helping the company take over to the next generation. We love to guide the long life of your business

That forward-looking thinking is in our DNA. We are prepared, constantly adapting, taking into account the speed at which everything changes and always trying to be one step ahead. Count on us to be your anchor in that constantly evolving society. Know that we will always be there for you, your family and employees proactive, professional and productively, so you can make important choices. At any moment. As an entrepreneur and a human being.

Els Decru, partner


Roeselare office

ON: 0882.371.584
RPR Ghent, department Kortrijk

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Jurka Vanthournhout
Jurka Vanthournout, Partner (Pro Experts), CEO
Els Decru
Els Decru, partner (Pro Accountants)

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