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Data Architect


Data Architect


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The world of accountancy does not stand still. To keep up with the digital changes, the DATA team emerged as a full-fledged department within Titeca, Titeca pro dates. We want to further strengthen this expansion with new colleagues.

You can identify with this:

  • First, you form a lubricated tandem with the client manager. They rely 100% on you for a correct representation of figures. You think productively reflects on content and lays thoughtful foundations.
  • Entrepreneurs' accounting, digital processingThat's where you get your energy. Working efficiently, purposefully and correctly? For you, there is no other way. You look forward to continuing your education in a sector that has never evolved as fast as it is now.
  • Does it involve a larger file? Then you have direct customer contactwho knows that he or she needs you to take care of all data and administration. The entrepreneur saves time, money and energy and can focus on what he or she is really good at: doing business.
  • You will collaborate on the innovation Within accountancy, implement and evaluate this in your/our working method with a view to serving the client even better. You always adjust your working method proactive in questioning, "Is what we are doing effective? Is it necessary to do so many breakdowns? Is it even important to the customer?"
  • You make your team stronger by consulting, sharing experiences and complementing colleagues. #growing together do with each other, our organization and our customers.
    You and your colleagues transform accounting into a progressive profession. By keeping up with our contemporary pro way of working, you will make a difference for Titeca. You show not only our customers, but the whole market what innovation is. You helped build that yourself.

This is what you want to "throw yourself" at on a daily basis:

Diploma is less important to us. We find it especially important that you have a high-quality working and thinking level. Do you have knowledge of VAT, accounting or bookkeeping programs? Those are bonus points for this job.

  • Optimize, that's what makes you happy as an analytical problem solver.
  • As a real faultfinder you deserve a story alongside that of Sherlock Holmes. And even more satisfaction you get from resolving and correcting inaccuracies.
  • Exciting deadlines? You don't prefer! Goals are there to be achieved with flying colors. Planning, structure and organization are your secret weapons.
  • As a proactive initiator you like to look for ways to do things even better.
  • Nothing is set in stone. And just as well, because you love change. New accounting program or optimized tool? Keep it coming!

We too are doing our part. Titeca offers you:

  • An open-ended contract, because security means one less worry.
  • A monthly salary that makes you happy.
  • Numerous fringe benefits, a bonus system and opportunity for a company car.
  • A balanced work-life ratio, where you organize your work yourself according to sliding hours. Because we understand that you also have a social life outside your job.
  • Thirty (yes, a full month) days of leave.
  • The right to keep growing. Focus but very broadly, we are here to support and guide you in any way we can (including through training leave, a budget to attend training.
  • On a regular basis a team building. So we hope you enjoy the occasional good laugh together with your - more than 300 - colleagues.
  • FRIYAY drinks, healthy and not so healthy "after works" and for the racers among us, a real Titeca cycling club.
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