Ecology Premium+

What is the ecology premium+?

Companies in the Flemish Region that want to organize their production process in a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient way and invest in ecological technologies for this purpose can receive an allowance from the Flemish government for the additional costs that such an investment entails.

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A subsidy for businesses in the Flemish Region that want to make their production process more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

When can I apply for the ecology premium+?

To be eligible for the subsidy, the technology in which the investment is made must appear on a limitative list. The selection retained includes the most efficient technologies and the technologies that contribute the most to achieving the Kyoto commitments, the European 20/20/20 objectives and the Flemish environmental policy objectives. This limitative list is updated at regular intervals.

How much is the ecology premium+?

The ecology premium+ takes the form of a percentage contribution to the additional cost of the essential ecological components of the investment. The intervention varies from 15 to 50% and is determined by:

  • The nature of the investment: environmental investment or energy investment;
  • The ecoclass to which a technology belongs based on its ecology number with corresponding subsidy rate;
  • The size of the company.

When applying for support in the application, the grant amount is automatically calculated based on the data entered.

How can I apply for the ecology premium+?

The ecology premium+ must be applied for online in a VLAIO web application, at the latest in the month before the investment starts.

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