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Alternative application process for corona nuisance and compensation grant

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A great many entrepreneurs have no way of digitally submitting an application for the Flemish corona nuisance premium, nor of digitally mandating their accountant to do so via the Flemish Access and User Management. 

The ITAA (Institute of Accountants and Tax Consultants) has now pleaded with Minister Crevits for and obtained an alternative application procedure for these entrepreneurs.

This process consists of the entrepreneur or his accountant transmits via e-mail the necessary data of the entrepreneur to

In it, the company number of the particular business owner is stated and also the following information:

  • A brief description of the activities (which should close).
  • Optional: the website url.
  • if it is a sole proprietorship; confirmation that it is practiced in the main profession, or in a secondary profession with payment of the social contribution as in the main profession.
  • the normal opening days and hours of business.
  • The account number of the company.
  • The contact details (telephone) of the accountant and of the entrepreneur, stating who they prefer to be contacted.


If necessary, VLAIO's contact center will contact the entrepreneur or accountant by phone to complete the entrepreneur's data.

As for the compensation premium, this has not yet been officially confirmed by Vlaio nor are further details on the application procedure available in this regard.

Of course, you can always contact your customer service representative to guide you on questions regarding the nuisance and compensation premium.


Thanks in part to mapping out the challenges facing our customer-entrepreneurs, Titeca partner Alex Soete was able, through the ITAA, to obtain from Minister Crevits a well-founded alternative procedure for companies that are unable to complete a digital application (themselves).