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Brecht Van Thuyne (31) becomes new office manager at Titeca Waregem

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Titeca Waregem has had a new office manager since January 1, 2024. Brecht Van Thuyne has been active at Titeca for 10 years. pro accountants & experts. He started his career as a client manager, advanced to team leader and now assumes the leading role of office manager. With his 31 years of age, Brecht is also the youngest office manager within the accountants & experts group. Although he is certainly no exception. "At Titeca we believe in young people, here everyone is allowed to make an impact.

"For 10 years I have been active at Titeca pro accountants & experts in Ghent, where I was team leader until recently," says Brecht. "In addition, I had also been enthusiastically assisting the Waregem team several days a week for the past two years. As a true Zultenaar, with my network in Waregem and the surrounding area, from now on I will focus entirely on the position of office manager at Titeca Waregem. A great opportunity with which I am following in the footsteps of my predecessor Bram Cornelis, who is now taking on the role of Managing Partner. And a commitment that I will definitely make for the long term. Because building lasting customer relationships is something I strongly believe in. In the coming year we want to mean even more to our entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Not only as a file manager, but also as a confidant who assists clients with knowledge and experience at every important milestone on the life loop. Realizing entrepreneurial dreams, we do that by making an impact across the board."

Learning by doing

And making an impact is something every employee at Titeca gets to do. "In our organization, we are moving away from the traditional idea that as a manager you have to be a certain age," says CEO Jurka Vanthournout. "Young colleagues are our future. Giving them growth opportunities right from the start and allowing them to take on responsibility is very important to us. Practical training is a constant within Titeca. Because learning by doing is in our DNA. We see this rejuvenation everywhere, from team leaders to associates. That doesn't mean less experience. It does mean that all the experience on the shop floor is allowed to be heard. That's a powerful message."

Millennial Manager

"Consequently, more and more teams at Titeca are led by a millennial manager, someone born between 1980 and 1995. They manage colleagues who are up to 15 years younger and up to 35 years older. This works really well, thanks to a particularly inclusive approach that takes into account the different values, beliefs and preferences of each age group. Millennials belong to a generation of adults who, by doing what they love, want to make a positive impact on the people around them, society and the planet. And they do so from sustainable and authentic values. Let that be precisely the valuable qualities that not only we see in an executive, but that our clients also look for in a co-entrepreneur."