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Have you already applied for the bridge loan? Last chance!

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The bridging loan is a Flemish support measure for companies with temporary liquidity problems in the context of the Ukraine and energy crisis. Companies can, under certain terms, borrow up to EUR 750,000 at an advantageous interest rate of 1.5%.


The deadline to apply for a bridge loan is December 15, 2022, unless budgetary resources are exhausted before then. So take action in time.

The total term of a bridge loan is 24 months for loans up to EUR 50,000. For loans higher than 50,000 EUR, the term is 36 months. Repayment is always quarterly after an exempted period of 12 months.

Invoices with an invoice date as of February 24, 2022 must be submitted in support of the application. Among other things, VLAIO accepts invoices related to purchases of trade goods, investment invoices and ongoing fixed costs. Invoices between affiliates and wages are not eligible.

The following types of businesses are not eligible:


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