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Energy crisis: entrepreneur as well as private citizen

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But not only for companies were various support measures created, also as an individual, the Federal and Flemish government a series of measures to counter rising energy costs. Below we would like to give you another overview of some of the measures.



Basic energy package 

Those with a variable energy contract (or a fixed contract concluded or renewed after Oct. 1, 2021) will receive a discount on their gas bill (EUR 135 per month) and electricity bill (EUR 61 per month) every month in November and December 2022. This will be calculated on advance bills vòòr the end of the year.  

This basic package does not apply to those already entitled to a social rate.  

There is also an income limit to get the basic package. For singles, that limit is a net taxable annual income of EUR 62,000 and for couples a joint net taxable annual income of EUR 125,000. Per dependent person, EUR 3,700 will be added. For individuals with higher incomes, the reduction will be recovered later through the personal income tax settlement.   

The energy supplier automatically allocates the basic package through invoices before January 1, 2023. If the invoice amount is less than the amount of the basic package, the remaining amount will be deposited directly into the beneficiary's account by wire transfer before January 18, 2023. 

The federal government has announced that this basic Energy package will also be awarded for January, February and March 2023. 


Fuel oil check 

The heating oil check is a one-time heating allowance of 300 EUR that is issued in a single payment. You will receive the 300 EUR if at least one delivery of bulk heating oil was made to your home between November 15, 2021 and March 31, 2023. If there is more than one delivery in that period, you will still receive the heating allowance only once. 

Anyone domiciled in a single-family home or apartment can apply for the intervention. Per family, domiciled at the same delivery address, you can only apply for one check applications. Thus, the premium is not for legal entities (legal entities) or second residences. 

The FPS Economy will verify applications and is responsible for paying the heating oil check to the bank account number you provided on your application form.  

The heating oil distributor cannot deduct the premium from the bill itself. Nor may you deduct the amount when paying your delivery bill. 

The FPS Economy will proceed to disburse the balance of 75 € if you have already received the 225€ deposited into your account. This will be done automatically. 

You can use the heating oil voucher online applications. Those without internet access will also in writing can submit. They can do so by printing the online form or requesting it from your fuel oil distributor. You should then send the form by registered mail to the following address: FPS Economy, K.M.O., Self-employed and Energy, General Directorate of Energy - Unit Mazoutpremie 300 euro, Koning Albert II-laan 16 1000 Brussels 


Deferred payment of home loan

Under certain conditions, you as an individual can also ask your bank for a payment break from your capital repayments of your home loan.


Reduction in electricity, natural gas and heat

The VAT rate on gas and electricity will be permanently reduced from 21% to 6%. The permanent VAT reduction is accompanied by a cliquet system for excise taxes. In this process, the tax burden is adjusted when the energy price increases or decreases, in order to stabilize the energy bill. For this purpose, a distinction is made between basic consumption and additional consumption. If prices go above a certain ceiling, the excise tax for the basic package decreases.   


Income tax payment deferral

Regarding income tax (personal income tax and non-resident tax), a two-month payment deferral is provided for the tax due with respect to assessment year 2022. The payment deferral granted automatically. 

However, assessment notices in personal income tax and non-resident tax sent to taxpayers before Nov. 14, 2022 will still mention a payment period of two months instead of four months. Again, however, the four-month payment period is already applicable. 

All assessment notices sent after Nov. 14 will automatically mention the extended four-month payment period. 


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