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Mandatory telecommuting registration process for every employer

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In order to better enforce the homeworking obligation, the federal government decided last week that all employers must report to the NSSO on a monthly basis the number of employees who, due to the nature of their job or the continuity of the business, cannot telework. The registration for April must be completed by April 6 at the latest.


What exactly should I pass on?

All employers must record two types of data:

  1. The total number of persons who are employed by the company on the first working day of the month, and this per branch unit*.
  2. The total number of persons with a "non-workable position who are employed by the company on the first working day of the month, and also per branch unit*. A "non-teleworkable position" should be understood to mean all positions for which telework is impossible. Think, for example, of blue-collar workers, reception personnel, etc.


*Branch unit means: a place (known with an address) where or from where a main or secondary activity of the enterprise is carried out (e.g. operating office, department, workshop, factory, warehouse, office, store...). You can look up your company's business units in the Public Search of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises.

Interim workers, interns, flexi-jobbers and employee-students working in the company also fall within the scope of the registration requirement.

CAUTION: Although the law only requires the registration of "employees", the NSSO has already indicated that persons working for the company on a self-employed basis (consultants, partners, etc.) must also be registered. For safety's sake, it is best to register these people as well.


How do I register my staff?

Registration is done online on a tool that NSSO has designed for this purpose. You can find this tool here back.


At what times should I complete the registration?

You must complete this registration on a monthly basis for the months of April and beyond, each time no later than on the sixth calendar day of the month.


What if I do not complete this registration?

Employers who fail to complete this registration by the above times may be penalized with an administrative or criminal fine.


If you have questions about this, contact your social secretariat. They will be able to assist you best in calculating the number of employees per establishment unit, among other things.