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New support measure: the support premium

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Since the start of the corona crisis, premiums have been raining down. The Flemish government introduced, among others, the nuisance premium, the closure premium and the compensation premium. The nuisance premium has just been extended and the compensation premium has been increased. the support premium announced. Not quite up to speed on premiums anymore? Don't worry, below we list the main Flemish premiums once again.


1. The corona nuisance premium

The nuisance premium was announced right at the start of the corona crisis and is intended for companies that were forced to close their physical location roads the measures of the National Security Council.

This premium is divided into two parts: a lump-sum premium of 4,000 euros (the actual nuisance premium) for all companies that had to close during the lockdown and an additional premium of 160 euros (the so-called closure premium) for each additional closure day after April 6.

Normally the nuisance premium expired on June 12 but in the meantime the Flemish Government has decided to extend the application period for those who still have to remain closed (wellness centers, cinemas, discotheques, swimming pools, etc.). These companies remain entitled to the closure premium of 160 euros per day until their physical location can reopen based on a decision by the Security Council.

The nuisance premium can still be applied for until June 30.


2. The corona compensation premium

The compensation premium was announced in April and is intended for companies that were not required to close (and thus are not eligible for the nuisance premium) but saw their operations severely curtailed by the corona measures and consequently suffered heavy sales losses.

If these companies can show that in the period from March 14, 2020 to April 30, 2020 they experienced a decrease in turnover of at least 60% compared to the same period last year, they will be entitled to a lump-sum premium of 3,000 euros (self-employed persons in secondary occupation 1,500 euros).

The compensation premium can also still be applied for until June 30.


3. The corona support premium

The Security Council's restrictive measures continue to affect many businesses. Especially the event sector is suffering. Recently restarted companies and reopened stores still have to comply with capacity restrictions and suffer heavy turnover losses as a result. That is why the Flemish government is now creating a third corona premium: the support premium.

This additional premium applies to all companies that were eligible for the compensation premium as well as to companies that were able to make use of the hindrance premium and have meanwhile reopened.

The condition is a loss of sales of at least 60% in a 1-month period from the reopening compared to a reference period last year. For example, for retail stores this is the period from May 11 to June 11, for hospitality it is the period from June 8 to July 8.

In addition, the company must have effectively restarted operations.

The support premium is 2,000 euros (self-employed in secondary occupation 1,000 euros).

This corona support grant can only be applied for from the second half of July until August 15.

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