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Support for new solar panels and wind turbines on land

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Support for new PV installations and new onshore wind turbines can be applied for through the periodic calls of the 'Green Power Call'. 

As of June 14, 2022, another call is open. Those interested should be quick because the call closes back on June 28, 2022.  


For whom?

Individuals, associations and companies can all apply for support within this call. 


For what?

There will be different types of installations eligible: 

  • new solar panels with an inverter power greater than 25 kW up to and including 5 MW, also called "other PV installations. 
  • floating solar panels with an inverter power greater than 25 kW up to and including 5 MW; 
  • solar panels on "marginal lands" (roadsides and closed landfill areas not designated as nature or agriculture) with an inverter capacity greater than 25 kW up to and including 5 MW.  
  • a new onshore wind turbine with a turbine power greater than 10 kW up to and including 300 kW, with a maximum of one wind turbine per application.  

Support can only be requested for new installations that are not eligible for green certificates. A new installation is an installation that has not yet been installed. Thus, no purchases or irreversible contractual commitments must have been made yet for the installation planned until you know that your support application has been accepted. 

Support may be requested for the investment and installation costs. Coming not eligible: 

  • operating costs and benefits 
  • engineering costs 
  • costs of permit applications 


How to apply.

The application is made digitally via the energy portalfrom the Flemish government. 

The applicant must submit a project that meets all the requirements, must indicate the amount of financial support the project is requesting, and must calculate the expected energy output of the planned installation using using thePVGIS Software (for solar panels) or thecalculation tool provided(for wind turbines). Given the technicality of the application, it is best to seek the assistance of your supplier. 

The projects are ranked in ascending order based on the ratio of requested support to expected energy output over the life of the facility. Thus, the project with the lowest ratio of requested support to expected energy output is ranked best. According to this ranking, the projects are subsidized until the budget of the call is exhausted. 

The second call for 2022 is open from June 14 at 9 a.m. to June 28 at 4 p.m. 

There will also be a third call scheduled in the fall (from October 13 to 27) that we will remind you of in a timely manner.


Want to know more? 

For the application procedure and other additional information about this call, please visit the above mentioned energy portal of the Flemish Government or contact our subsidy expert.


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