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Telework declaration possible as of today

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In the meantime, the NSSO provided more information on the mandatory telework declaration (see our earlier article on our website dated Friday, November 18, 2021). We summarize the main points below:

  • Every month employers will be required to complete an (electronic) telework declaration for all individuals working for them of (i) the total number of persons working in the company and (ii) the number of persons working for which telewerk not possible is. Always take into account all persons working in your company: both employees, self-employed on a structural basis, temporary workers, etc.
  • If the employer has multiple locations, then the return must be per unit of establishment happen;
  • Each declaration relates to the situation on the first day of each month and is made no later than the 6the calendar day of that month. For November, that will be the situation on November 24, which will have to be registered by Tuesday, November 30. For January, it will be the situation on January 3, which must be filed by January 6. If there are no changes for the following months, no new declaration needs to be made;
  • Exception on the telework declaration requirement applies to (i) SMEs that structurally employ less than 5 people (regardless of self-employed, employees), and (ii) certain specific sectors (police forces, education sector, healthcare, etc.).

For more information on this mandatory telecommuting declaration, please refer to The web page of the NSSO itself.

As of today, you can file the tax return here do.

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