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Titeca achieves Voka Charter for Sustainable Business

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It's official: On Thursday, June 27, 2024 should Titeca pro accountants & experts to receive the Voka Charter for Sustainable Business, a special recognition and reward for the successful implementation of various sustainable initiatives. "The laureate position is a beautiful confirmation of who we are: a future-proof organization that wants to make #impact on society in a positive way," says partner and pro expert Corneel Maertens proudly.

Helping companies integrate (even more) sustainability into their corporate DNA, develop innovative objectives and achieve them. That's the idea behind the Voka Charter Sustainable Business (VCDO). Why did we participate in the program? Sustainable business is deeply rooted in our vision. Based on that vision, we want to be a source of inspiration and advice for our 16,000 clients who are themselves faced with sustainable issues.


28 ESG initiatives

Supported by Voka and inspired by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals - which sees sustainability much broader than just climate transition, but also aims at, among other things, the well-being, growth and development of everyone in society - we have dedicated a year to 28 sustainable initiatives. We would like to highlight these 3 actions:


1 - Automating data processing

At Titeca, we are very much committed to digitization and automation. Not only because today that is the only way to go is. But in particular, we want it to create more peace of mind, higher quality and less workload. When figures are delivered continuously, clients do not have to rush into documents every quarter, they can access their figures 24/7 and we can eliminate the busiest peaks for colleagues. More quality and a better work-life balance for everyone. Win-win!


2 - Learning & Development

Lifelong learning, offering new learning opportunities and helping skills evolve in a constantly changing world. That's Titeca's hobbyhorse. This strong commitment to L&D not only offers advantages for every employee. It also pays off for our organization, our clients and society to always be ahead in terms of knowledge and competencies. Because prosperity for every person, that's what we achieve thanks to a working population that thrives.


3 - Cybersecurity

Although this part is quasi-invisible, we at Titeca continue to build impressive cybersecurity behind it. A crucial fact in today's digital entrepreneurial landscape that entails security, stability and privacy protection. Only then can we achieve sustainable economic growth, dignified work and innovative development. At Titeca, every employee shares responsibility for ensuring that the proverbial door stays shut, including through "phishing training.


Sustainability differentiates

The title of Laureate is the starting point of a long-term sustainability journey with Voka. Although only a handful of companies in Belgium are required to do ESG reporting, it will become a must for almost every company to submit such reports to their B2B customers. Beyond the legal part, sustainability is also becoming essential for all companies looking to increase their employer branding appeal in a market characterized by labor shortages.

Voka's sustainable business manager Katrien Moens puts it clearly: 'Apart from the pressure from Europe to act on sustainability (ESG), companies are increasingly aware that if you don't take action, you will be competitively sidelined.' A viewpoint that Titeca's sustainability expert Stijn Hugues can only agree with. 'Sustainability will continue to grow in importance and standards will evolve in a broad sense. By betting on ESG now, as a company you take a head start within the market and can also distinguish yourself in a valuable way. That's why Titeca is happy to help all its clients through the sustainability issues and ESG obligations, and provide a clear understanding of the how-to's for proper handling and reporting.


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