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What support can you get for renewable energy?

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Production processes will eventually have to be climate-neutral. Not only to halt climate change, but also because the price of CO2 emissions is rising and because lenders are increasingly favoring sustainable investments. 

There are several ways for your company to take steps in this energy transition. You can increase your energy efficiency by installing insulation, for example. You can also green your energy by switching from natural gas to green electricity or residual heat, for example. Subsidies are available for all these sustainable energy measures. Below is an overview.


VLAIO support

  1. Ecology Premium+
    If you make an investment in a technology that leads to greening or energy savings in cooling, transportation, lighting, heat or water, you may be eligible for the Ecology Premium+. All technologies subsidized by the Ecology Premium+ can be found in a limitative list which is updated periodically. The aid amounts to 15 to 55% of the ecological additional cost. This additional cost is calculated by comparing the ecology investment with the standard investment, which is a classic investment that is technically similar but does not achieve the same level of environmental protection. For all info on the Ecology Premium+, please visit here justified. 
  2. GREEN investment support
    Not every technology that leads to greening or energy savings is listed under the Ecology Premium+. If you have a different technology in mind, the GREEN investment grant may offer a way out. This grant supports investments in green technologies for heating or cooling, electrification or energy efficiency.    The total investment cost must be a minimum of €50,000. The support is 20 to 40% of the ecological additional cost. Want to know more about this support measure. Then you can here justified.


  3. Strategic ecology support
    Finally, for very large and ambitious ecology investments (minimum 3 million euros) that cannot be standardized due to the company-specific nature, VLAIO provides the strategic ecology support (STRES). This support is 20 to 40% on the extra ecological cost of eligible investment components according to the technology and size of the company. All info about STRES can be found here.


Call green power

Through the "Call green power" of the Flemish Energy and Climate Agency (VEKA), investors in new solar panels (PV installations with inverter power from 25kW) and new wind turbines on land (turbine power from 10kW to 300kW) can obtain a subsidy. In a competition format, applicants must submit bids for their planned new facility. Bids are ranked based on cost-effectiveness (= ratio of requested support to expected energy output).The best ranked bids are subsidized according to budget. There is one more call scheduled for 2023, which will be open from Oct. 24, 9 a.m., to Nov. 7, 4 p.m., inclusive. In it, you can apply for support for PV installations in energy communities and on residential buildings (subcall 1). 

All information on the call green power isherefind.


Energy grants Fluvius

For PV installations that are not covered by the Green Electricity Call, the solar panel premium from Fluvius can possibly be obtained. This premium amounts to a maximum of 750 euros and is only intended for installations with an inverter power of up to 10 kVA. With Fluvius, you can also apply for grants for relighting, control electric heat and asbestos removal of unheated buildings in combination with installation of solar panels. Want to know more about Fluvius' premiums ? Here find everything.


My Renovation Premium

To avoid a proliferation of energy premiums, each with its own conditions and application procedures, the Flemish government launched a renewed premium system last year. Most energy premiums were merged into one all-encompassing premium that, since October 1, 2022, can be applied for via the unique e-counter My RebuildingPremium can be requested. My Renovation Premium provides interventions for :  

  • all types of insulation 
  • high-efficiency glazing 
  • all types of heat pumps 
  • heat pump boilers 
  • solar water heaters