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Family succession explained in a podcast

Entrepreneurial topics are not always easy to explain. Titeca Pro Accountants & Experts wants to do something about that and is enlisting the help of the West Flanders entrepreneurial family De Keyser - Koninckx. In the five-part podcast What if? tackles the fictional family an issue that every family business faces at some point in its existence: the transfer of the family business.

Listen to the podcast: What if?

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Future-proof your business with the family charter

Every family and every family business is different and is in a different operating phase (start-up vs. consolidation, founder vs. consortium of cousins...). Every family business gets with other issues make.

A family charter - which can range from a few pages to a real charter - establishes a solid foundation laid over the objective of the family and the company

The family

  • Which consultation structures be introduced to inform the entire family?
  • How do we ensure involvement at the company and how do we prepare the next generation?
  • How do we deal with conflicts within the family?

The company

  • Which roles and bodies are there?
  • Who sits in the board Whether the management team?
  • How does the follow-up arranged?
  • Is there a emergency scenario ready just in case?
  • Can any member of the family employed Become part of the family business?

The (future) shareholding

  • Who owns it now and who will own it in the future? How do we regulate the transfer Of those shares?
  • What if someone wants to get out of the company?
  • What are the responsibilities of the owners and how do we arrange control?
  • What are the expectations of owners in terms of revenue and revenue?

Our pro experts guide you through the family charter

A external, independent supervision is crucial when drafting a family charter.

The family charter scan takes place in our head office in Roeselare (€ 115).

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