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Madie's Farmhouse Bread, ambition for tradition





From generation to generation

Following old and well-preserved family recipes, the Dierinck family passes on the love of artisanal farmhouse bread from generation to generation.

Christophe Dierinck (52) grew up surrounded by the warmth of ovens and the smell of freshly baked bread. From an early age, he helped out in his parents' bakery, first in Melsele and later in Nieuwpoort. Since 1993 he himself has been at the helm of Madie's Boerenbrood. In the meantime, son Alexander (25) and daughter Amandine (21) have also succumbed to the charms of the baker's life.

Artisanal according to ancient recipe

When it started in the 1960s, Madie's Boerenbrood only delivered to stores and hotels. Since 1986, this family of bakers has had a store in Nieuwpoort-Bad. In 2018, they opened a second store in Nieuwpoort-Stad. Madie's is the abbreviation for Marcel Dierinck. Half a century after Marcel slid his first bread into the oven, the breads of Madie's Boerenbrood are still made in the same way. Craftsmanship and according to time-honored family recipes.

"Our breads are made the traditional way with a lot of handwork and you can taste that. I still work in the bakery myself and see to it that the quality of the bread remains constant. I make sure that all employees follow the traditional methods of my parents. Many people don't know it, but it's not just the ingredients that are important, every step of the way influences the taste and appearance of a loaf. The flour also helps determine the taste. Flour is a natural product and is always a little different. As an artisan baker you have to sense that and adjust where necessary." 

Bread file on Sunday

Artisanal, warm bakers are gradually becoming a dying breed. Especially in summer, the fresh breads and pistolets attract long lines of shoppers.

"The customers are often lined up until outside. Madie's is very well known for its pistolets. At six in the morning the first pistolets come out of the oven, and for the rest of the morning we have a new batch ready every hour. The farmhouse bread is our classic, to which we owe our name and fame. It is baked on stone, which enriches the flavor. In our assortment you will find about twenty different breads and, of course, pastries. We make about 3,000 loaves a day. We don't want to push the production any further, this way we can literally keep everything in our own hands and carefully watch over the quality and taste."

The third generation also has a taste for it

Four years ago, son Alexander joined the business. He takes care of the logistics and administration of Madie's Boerenbrood and runs the store in Nieuwpoort-Stad together with his sister. "My sister and I really grew up with it. The older I get, the more importance I place on family. Madie's is a real family business and that works well, we all know our place in the whole thing well. When my dad quits, we take over. That's how the tradition gets passed down."

It's not as obvious as it seems, father Christophe knows. "Being a baker is a profession that cannot be underestimated. People start baking from ten o'clock in the evening. I myself usually start around three or four in the morning. My son and I usually work until two or three in the afternoon. Especially on weekends, Alexander and I also help with sales in the stores. Our customers appreciate that. We work long hours. If you don't do that with full gust, you won't last."

Madie's and Titeca, for 20 years side by side

Christophe has been calling on Titeca for twenty years. "A friend of mine was already a client and recommended Titeca to me. Els Decru, one of the partners at Titeca, has been my case manager since 1998. She does much more for us than just take care of the accounting. The partnership application, the purchase of our new store, discussions with the bank, Alexander stepping into the business with us. Over the years, Els and her colleagues have taken care of a lot for us. Before I make a business decision, I also invariably ask for her opinion."  

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"I discuss every business decision first with Els from Titeca," he says.

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