Explanation general pricing

1. Explanation of services

Our services consist of two major components: file management and consulting.

The 'file management' section includes all the regular accounting and tax activities, including: processing documents, bookkeeping, reporting, closing the accounts, preparing VAT returns, preparing corporate tax returns, assistance with audits, etc. However, this also includes the usual consultancy services arising from file management. Such advice is mainly aimed at optimizing the accounting and returns. Work in this area is reported on the basis of the documents drawn up and/or submitted.

The 'advisory services' section includes specific advisory services at the request of the client. This is advice that goes beyond the usual advice relating to accounting and tax returns. It includes legal, economic, financial and more complex tax advice as well as requests for rulings. This type of advice normally requires more research and is therefore reported separately in the form of written advice or memoranda.


2. Composition price

2.1. Rates

The assignments carried out by our firm are billed on an hourly basis. Different hourly rates are used for this purpose. These rates depend on the degree of education and the number of years of experience of the respective employees.

These rates vary

Bookkeeper70-78 € / hour
Customer Accountability78-110 € / hour
Supervisor110-118 € / hour
Advisor corporate finance (SPE)110-139 € / hour
Tax advisor (SPE)110-139 € / hour
Lawyer (SPE)110-139 € / hour
Partner130-155 € / hour

The above hourly rates will be reviewed annually and if necessary, indexed or adjusted.

2.2. Other expenses

The other costs will be charged separately but without charging any margin.

2.3. Price and Invoicing

All amounts and hourly rates stated are exclusive of VAT and are subject to indexation.

All services will be invoiced each time they are completed, less any advance invoices.

2.4. Mileage reimbursement

No separate mileage reimbursement will be charged by Titeca when performing the assignment.


3. Advisory

All services that do not recur on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis, as well as expenses for your account are to be billed separately at the hourly rate stated above.
This includes in particular (not limitative):

  • General Counseling and discussions, and periodic counseling;
  • Special assignments such as:
    • Preparation of auditor's report under specific
      assignments reserved for accountants and/or auditors
    • Analyze investment projects and assist in their financing;
    • Preparation of a business plan;
    • Audits;
    • Acquisition counseling (a to z);
    • Specific accounting and/or tax issues;
    • Financial analyses;
    • Preparation of reporting systems;
    • Legal assistance including drafting of contracts;
    • Succession planning and family planning;
    • Succession of Partnerships:
      • Preparation of statement of assets and liabilities (annual);
      • Preparation of income statement;
      • Drafting Reporting.
  • Performance Fiscality:
    • Preparation of tax audits;
    • On-site verification;
    • Handling of the audit;
    • Response to Inquiry;
    • Reply to notice of change of declaration.


4. Antiwitness

4.1. Legal obligations under AntiWhiteWash (A.W.W.).

Pursuant to national and European Anti-Money Laundering legislation, Titeca is required to complete certain formalities in order to identify its clients and their beneficiary right holders.

As a result of this obligation, a fixed cost of 110 € will be charged for the preparation of all mandatory anti-money laundering documents by Titeca.

4.2. UBO Register

Since the end of October 2018, the UBO registration obligation was imposed on every new and existing Belgian company. This registration obligation - which is the result of the elaboration of the Anti-Money Laundering Directive - means that
governing bodies are required to register its UBOs ("Ultimate Beneficial Owners") in an online database that is publicly available for consultation (for a fee).

After the initial registration, any changes to the registered data must be made within one month after each change, and there is an obligation to confirm the registered data at least once a year.

Titeca can unburden you and can do the necessary for the UBO registration on your behalf. This service is provided at a fixed, flat rate cost of 200 € per company.


5. Insurance

5.1. Possibility of taking out Liantis tax legal assistance

We also provide the possibility of taking out tax assistance insurance for companies and the self-employed for all the fees of your tax advisors in the event of a tax audit (or dispute). For this purpose, we call upon Liantis fiscal legal aid.

All Titeca client-entrepreneurs can enjoy an interesting group offer for Tax Legal Assistance. By subscribing to this policy through Titeca. Accountancy, your company is insured against the heavy costs that a tax audit can entail, but at a cheaper rate than with an individual subscription.

Fixed premium of 200 € / year or 170 € / year for a management or patrimonial company.

The coverage amounts to 30,000 €, namely 15,000 € for the administrative defense, in this amount 5,000 € is provided for assistance by a second accountant, lawyer or tax expert and 15,000 € for the legal defense. A request for information is also covered up to a maximum of 300 €.