Explanation general pricing

1. Honors and billing

At Titeca, simplicity and transparency for our clients is essential. That's just the way our DNA is.

Thus, for the billing of our accounting services (accounting processing, closing of accounts and fulfillment of legal tax obligations), we aim to work with a system of advances and final billing. The advance amount is based on the estimated annual workload and resources to be deployed. If there will be a settlement or adjustment (for example, due to the growth or complexity of your file), we will discuss this with you in a timely manner. This is not only simpler and more transparent, but it also ensures a comfortable spread of our annual fees for accounting services. We also ask that you pay via direct debit whenever possible.

For services other than accounting services, Titeca's services are billed periodically after their completion, in full transparency.

An employee's hourly rate depends on a particular employee's level of education, number of years of experience and specialization. The more complex and urgent the assignment, the higher the required level of the employee and consequently the hourly rate can be. For example, within Titeca we apply an hourly rate ranging from € 88.00 to € 192.00 per hour.

All fees stated herein do not include VAT.

In this way, we try to unburden our customers as much as possible.


2. Lump sums

A limited number of services are not charged at an hourly rate, but on a flat rate basis.



Legal obligations under money laundering laws

One-time € 125.00 at the start of the relationship

Initial UBO registration

One-time € 200.00 per company

Annual confirmation of UBO registration

€ 56.00 per company

Follow-up and change UBO registration

€ 56.00 per company

Dutch VAT return

€112.00 per declaration

Refund of foreign VAT

€ 155.00 per application

Sheet 281.20 + electronic forwarding

€ 112.00 per sheet

Sheet 281.50 + electronic forwarding

€ 112.00 per sheet

Withholding tax return

€112.00 per declaration

Electronic counter and access

Sole proprietorship: €64.00 per year

Company: € 100.00 per year


Per current account : € 72.00 per year

Start-up cost : € 30 per year

CBE registrations

€ 193,00

Publications Belgian Official Journal

€ 180,00

Creation of share register in eStox

€ 152,00

Share register changes in eStox

€ 76,00

Formatting paper share register

€ 152,00


3. Mileage reimbursement and other expenses

No separate mileage reimbursement will be charged by Titeca when performing the assignment.

The fees do not include other costs, such as the costs associated with publication in the Annexes to the Belgian Official Gazette, publication costs at the National Bank of Belgium, costs of the share register (either on paper - €15.00 per book or via eStox - one-time cost of €20.00 for access to the e-Stox portal + €5.00 cost per transaction registered on the portal), or other costs advanced by Titeca. Also not included in our fees are any charges for services rendered by external service providers (such as notaries, for example), unless expressly stated otherwise.

These costs are billed separately, without charging any margin.


4. Indexation

The above hourly rates will be reviewed annually and if necessary, indexed or adjusted (by January 1).


5. SME Portfolio

Titeca was registered by the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Agency as an approved service provider for the SME portfolio.

The SME portfolio is financial support from the Flemish government to SMEs in Flanders who purchase services from registered service providers to professionalize their business. Specifically, these are training and consulting services.

The intervention is 30% for small enterprises and 20% for medium-sized enterprises. Per calendar year, an enterprise (legal entity) can receive a maximum of 7,500 euros SME Portfolio.

If you would like more information or wish to take advantage of this, be sure to contact your regular contact at Titeca for further explanation.


6. Accounting packages

To perform its services, Titeca works by default with two accounting packages, specifically Exact Online and Yuki. The associated license fee is charged separately as a cost, without margin.

For more explanation of the possible packages and their cost:


6. Accounting packages

Titeca also provides for the possibility of taking out assistance insurance for companies and the self-employed for all the fees of your tax advisors in the event of a tax audit (or dispute). For this purpose, we rely on Liantis tax legal assistance.

6.1 Premium

All Titeca client-entrepreneurs can enjoy an interesting group offer for Tax Legal Assistance. By subscribing to this policy through Titeca, your company is insured against the heavy costs that a tax audit can entail, but at a cheaper rate than with an individual affiliation:

  • Fixed premium of €225 per year for self-employed persons/partnerships with turnover up to one million euros
  • Fixed premium of €275 per year for self-employed persons/partnerships with turnover of one million euros and more

6.2 Coverage

  • Coverage up to €50,000 per claim