Weighing up the pros and cons

Guiding you as a client, we don't do that according to a standard procedure. We want to see the bigger picture, to know your whole story. Together with you we will do the necessary thinking. What are the current circumstances? Where would you like to go with your business? How are you going to approach it? What risks are you willing to take as an entrepreneur? Many questions to think about, many choices to make. Here we are always at your side. To advise you, inspire you and innovate together.

Partner in every future-oriented decision

Whether you run a secondary profession or head a large company. We know you as a customer personal and live with your company. In this we make no distinction. The fact that we genuinely enjoy working for and with you, and that you also appreciate us for this, makes the collaboration special. Titeca Ostend was once founded as Vercruysse en Partners. Those 'partners' stood for our clients. And that philosophy still lives on today. We unburden you according to the same approach we have stood for for years: you professional, proactively and productive guidance and advice for all the future-oriented choices you face. We are more than just an accountant.

That we have you under the name of Titeca Ostend also additional expertise The fact that we are able to offer you the best possible service is the icing on the cake. We closely monitor new subsidies, changes in legislation and specific issues that are specific to your sector. We always keep your company in mind, know what could be interesting and can offer you proactively advising you. More than that, we will work with you to take the next steps in concrete terms, tailored to your business. That personal interaction, sincere involvement and strategic thinking. That's how we make the difference for you.


Steffie Ver Eecke, Pascal Tourlemain and Jan Vercruysse


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