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Legal & Compliance Officer


Legal & Compliance Officer



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Anne-Sophie Pille - Talent Scout


Is "law and order" your mantra?
Do you like corporate law and compliance?
Do you like to solve things meticulously?

Why you and Titeca are a match:

You are looking for a workplace where it is not all business is, but where people are at the center. Where you feel meaningful, are allowed to make a difference and are appreciated for it. Where, in a constantly growing organization, you still experience an approachable and personal atmosphere. And that is so true Titeca pro accountants & experts stands for.

We not only help entrepreneurs and businesses grow on a proactive, productive, professional and, above all, personal way. We also make it our mission to do the same for you. As a partner in life, we love #enthousiasperceive 1TP5Make an impact #grow together and #realizing dreams for our customers and colleagues. The ordinary approach? Not for us! We are different. We are pro.

That's why this is your dream job:

#enthousiasmeeling by...

  • Be allowed to continue to expand your broad field of legal knowledge and interest.
  • be able to focus specifically on corporate law & compliance.
  • tackle your tasks with precision, yet pragmatism and a solution-oriented approach.
  • Be part of team Operations & Facility.
  • Collaborate with internal departments, external consultants and legal agencies.

1TP4Making an impact by...

  • provide legal advice and implement that advice effectively.
  • Monitor compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies.
  • minimize compliance and legal risks thanks to your policy and risk strategy.
  • manage and follow up on claims and disputes.
  • closely monitor relevant developments in laws and regulations at all times.

#growing together by...

  • organize internal sessions and workshops on compliance and legal topics.
  • make colleagues more aware of legal and ethical standards within the organization.
  • Assist the credit control team in following up on claims.
  • also spot growth opportunities in new laws and advise management accordingly.
  • Make management aware of risks through audits, reports and recommendations.

#realizing dreams And staying relevant by...

  • ensuring that Titeca complies with current legislation at all times.
  • Titeca to help guarantee correct, honest and ethical business practices.
  • Maintain the trust of our customers, thanks to our reliable reputation.
  • inspire entrepreneurs to get their own compliance and legal policies in place.
  • Contribute to Titeca's innovation, growth and development according to current legislation.

This is how you get to work in a concrete way:

  • Your Master of Laws degree declares your broad legal knowledge. New laws and regulations? You know them all and preferably ensure that they are complied with. If something changes, you are the first to know. So you can provide correct legal advice at any time on corporate law, GDPR, HR, ethics & anti-money laundering regulations. You also evaluate or draw up minutes, reports, deeds, contracts and agreements in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
  • In addition to legal assistance, your focus is on compliance and risk management. You conduct audits, systematically examine whether everything is in order and also identify risks. Based on this, you can prepare detailed reports and make recommendations for management. Minimize the potential risks? You do that by developing policies for anti-bribery, fraud, antitrust, data protection, ethics, governance and whistleblowing.
  •  If necessary, get some risks insured as well. Does a dispute or claim arise? Then you follow up that file with the insurance company, within the framework of the fiscal legal assistance policy. You also provide assistance to the credit control team, which also looks into this matter.
  • Compliance, legal issues and ethical standards. That's where your passion lies. And you love to share it with your colleagues by organizing training sessions and workshops.

Here's what you get:

At Titeca, we believe it is important to be able to throw yourself into your responsibilities with full energy. The balance between effort and relaxation also remains a must, of course. Clearing your head, making time for fun with your colleagues and each other's #enthousiasmeeling. To then throw yourself into your day's tasks with new energy. But that's not all, of course.

  • Here you get to really be who you are and discover what makes you stand out. Wriggling around in a form that doesn't suit you? We do not!
  • A sustainable contract of indefinite duration.
  • A monthly gross salary that evolves with you based on your knowledge and experience.
  • On top of that, you also receive expenses proper to the employer, additional child support, a daily allowance and an end-of-year bonus.
  • Your well-being is important to us. That's why we offer you peace of mind in the form of group insurance, hospitalization insurance and supplemental outpatient plan.
  • The àller best training and coaching so that you don't just rely on professional, but also on personal plane can continue to develop.
  • Lots of fringe benefits that you choose, a training budget, bonus system and a Titeca company car to drive around in.
  • We guard the healthy balance between your job and your social life. And we offer flexibility, such as the possibility to work from home and our new system of flexi-working (06h00 to 20h00).
  • A full month's leave! That's 30 times you don't have to set your alarm clock. You can also take ADV days.
  • The opportunity to productively grow your way. We don't believe in supermen and women. We do believe in happy colleagues who get satisfaction from what they love to do.
  • A close-knit Titeca family that welcomes you warmly. Just get ready for (lots of) team builds, lavish afterworks and the coziest lunches.
  • Sports buddies who love buzz. Padel club, cycling club, running club? Join the club!
  • And where your career is headed? That's up to you proactively in control. Advancement opportunities are already up for grabs at Titeca.
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