The governance part of sustainability reporting: What do you need to know and how is Titeca tackling it itself?

esg governance

Benieuwd hoe je duurzaamheid kan verankeren in jouw bedrijfsstrategie? Laat je inspireren op de Titeca Pro Academy!   ESG – G in de kijker De Europese wetgeving rond duurzaamheidsrapportering (CSRD) heeft als doel informatie te delen over de ESG-prestaties van een onderneming. ESG omvat de 3 pijlers “Environmental”, “Social” en “Governance”. Onder ESG kunnen ondernemingen […]

How is Titeca Pro Accountants & Experts putting sustainable governance in place?


Benieuwd hoe je duurzaamheid kan verankeren in jouw bedrijfsstrategie? Laat je inspireren op de Titeca Pro Academy!   Als ondernemer kom je in een steeds digitalere wereld terecht. Je bewaart documenten en klantengegevens op jouw pc, server of cloud. Facturen uitsturen of ontvangen doe je gewoon via e-mail of al volledig elektronisch. En je cijfers […]

The health care proxy: decide now for when things don't work out

healthcare proxy

Suppose you start dementia or - worse - you end up in a coma. What then? Who pays your bills? Who will continue your business? Who manages the rental of your seaside apartment? Who makes the decision if a care facility needs to be chosen? With a healthcare power of attorney, this and much more can be arranged. [...]

Prepayments: avoid up to 9% tax increase


Not required, but recommended! Corporations and independent contractors are not required to make prepayments on their taxes. But when they don't, they do face a tax increase. The percentage of this tax increase depends on the evolution of interest rates. Due to rising interest rates, this percentage is now [...]

How does Titeca Pro Accountants & Experts make a sustainable commitment to people?


Wondering how to embed sustainability in your business strategy? Get inspired at the Titeca Pro Academy! "We strongly believe in the potential of our people. They are our most valuable working capital, and by investing in their well-being, we show how much we value them," explains general manager Lizbeth Nowé. Measuring is [...]

How does Titeca Pro Accountants & Experts limit its emissions?

electric vehicle fleet

Titeca Pro Accountants & Experts is betting big on sustainability, spearheading the electrification of its fleet. We talk to Barbara Sergeant and Lien Vandecaveye, two of our own fleet colleagues. "Sustainability has been a core value of Titeca since day one," Barbara states. "Reducing our emissions is a direct result of that." [...]

Don't forget your Reprobel declaration this year either!


At the beginning of 2022 many entrepreneurs got acquainted for the first time with Reprobel, the body responsible for the collection and redistribution of reproduction remunerations. This year again, many entrepreneurs received a letter or e-mail asking them to submit their declaration before the deadline of 30/04/2024. All the more reason to [...]