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Passion is what drives us. We are ready to take steps forward with you. To make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. Our approach is characterized by determination, professionalism, proactivity and especially personal commitment. As your mentors, advisors and sparring partners, we firmly believe that we can tap into the positive entrepreneurial potential in you, grow your business skills and give you the energy you need to be entrepreneurial.

Honesty and transparency are our core values, because we know this is the only way we can really mean something to you. You are always welcome in our office, where you will see familiar faces and our personal contact is maintained. As confidants, we want to stand beside you throughout your entrepreneurial journey. Sincere and sustainable. And always striving to make an impact at every stage of your entrepreneurship.

For you, we embrace greatness in the smallest details. We take full advantage of every situation, with your best interest. It's our pleasure to go that extra mile. The moment changes occur in your life - big or small - that affect your business, we are happy to be your first point of contact. At any time, always prepared. Growing together is what we strive for every day.


Mariakerke office

ON: 0899.351.732
RPR Ghent, section Ghent

Caroline Van Hyfte, Partner

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