The person behind the company interests us

You, the person behind the business. That is above all what interests us. We derive great satisfaction from the fact that we can accompany and that you can start the next financial year with peace of mind. But what really makes us happy are the personal conversations, the advice that we can offer you, your optimize entrepreneurship from A to Z. Far beyond the purely accounting, because as an entrepreneur your professional and private life are particularly intertwined. Of course, this is only possible if you feel comfortable as a client.

The personal contact, that chat with a coffee, that makes the difference

That's why we're always here for you. As personal contact and confidant who knows your file inside out, who knows the challenges you face, and who knows how you see the future. And we do this for everyone: whether you are a starting sole proprietor, a growing company or an entrepreneur considering a family transfer at the end of your career.

Just consulting with you, seeing how you do things, hearing how you are doing. That is the essence of our proaccountant-ness. We are more than an accountant. We work with you as an entrepreneur, but prefer to call it co-entrepreneurship. A partnership that goes beyond office hours and business contact and allows for a full understanding of your business life. In this way we can be very close, sincerely involved and truly prostart actively advising.

We apply that approachable philosophy to the workplace as well. As colleagues, we know that everyone's door is open, that we can ask any question and that we are all treated equally. This ensures that we learn faster, that we experience a friendly atmosphere, that we influence each other positively. We do this for each other. For our entrepreneurs. For you. On a proactive, productive and professional manner. Bon, are we going to catch up soon? We would love to hear how you are doing. 


Geert De Somere, partner


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Geert De Somere
Geert De Somere, Partner

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