Together we look at how to achieve your goals.

Creating added value for you as a customer, we do this by looking far beyond the numbers. Because accounting doesn't have to be clinical. It is something human, a way to make your dreams as an entrepreneur come true. Your story and drive is what truly fascinates and inspires us. We like to have a personal dialogue, listen to what you share with us and get to know your company through and through. Together with you we look at the direction you want to go, how you see the future for yourself and your company and how you can realize that. We like to play a role in this. As strategic sparring partner, committed co-entrepreneur and reliable partner in life.

Ordinary is not enough

Making sure our customers' accounts are correct is what we do every day. But for us, that's actually not enough. We are more than just an accountant. What do we really like? Visiting you in person, seeing how you do things and experiencing your daily successes and challenges. That way we know your story, understand your concerns, know what your goals are and where you want to go. We think proactively participate in how to be more efficient or how to address future challenges. Then, when you have a question or just want to tune in, we immediately know what your situation is like and how we can work out a solution. Together. On a professional and productive way.

We have recently moved into our renovated office space in Ypres, which was created partly because we had a warm and cozy environment wanted to create for our employees and for you, the customer. On the other hand, the renewal fits into the innovative picture in which Titeca always tries to be a leader. Since the beginning of this year we are fully committed to digital butler James, our online customer portal in which you have access to your documents and figures 24 hours a day. The fact that you, as a customer, can taste the benefits of digitization is contagious. By digitizing, we speed up the administrative process. This leaves more time to interpret the figures and advise you on the basis of these. And that is where we can provide real added value for you.


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Alex Soete
Alex Soete, Partner

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