Accounting gray? We think color!

Just as plumbers have long since stopped pouring lead, accountants have long since stopped keeping books. How we do things? Full of color, warmth and personality. On a proactive way, where the personal story counts at least as much as the accounting. To which we as pro Accountants are allowed to help find solutions, preferably out of the box. Where we can enter into conversation with you as an entrepreneur, look at what you do exactly and where you want to go.

A close contact for you

We can give you Help you give a concrete meaning to your figures and show you what direction you can go with it. Understanding what you are doing is so important. Both for you and for us. Working with Titeca is not an us versus them story. We help and advise you, as if we were part of the team. That personal co-entrepreneurship we do with everyone, because every customer counts. We are more than an accountant. Are you facing a challenge or need some advice? Just give us a call. Is it already evening or just early in the morning? Then we are also happy to listen. Because what we want to do for you is to be a close point of contact, a true confidant, the first phone call you want to make when you're stuck for a moment.

The collaboration with Titeca is no one-time call. It is a constructive conversation where there is room for How is it?, What are your plans?, What do you stand for now? .... Business is about people, relationships and trust. Also for us. As a firm, we would be nowhere without our reliable employees. And as an entrepreneur it remains an added value to have a committed co-entrepreneur under the arm. Together, let's take things further, create vision for the future and bring color. On a productive, professional and proactive way.


Charlot Depoortere, partner and office manager Kortrijk


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