We like a personal approach

And we don't just say that. We want to get to know you sincerely, know what goals you have in mind, what challenges you want to tackle. 

What we like to do for you? A confidant who is available to you at any time and can provide a solution, also for the personal
questions. Someone who offers you expertise on important decisions and immediately communicates what it means
for your private life. Who guides you proactively, productively, and professionally, attaching importance to finding that personal click.

Proud of our entrepreneurs

Working together means building a bond. By getting to know you personally, we can speak your language, meet your expectations and form a team. As someone who thinks with you and asks the right questions. In a way that suits you, according to your own vision. We like clarity and transparency, not from difficult analyses. That's why we like to approach things dynamically and clearly for you. We are more than just an accountant.

An entrepreneur who undertakes. An entrepreneur who wants to move forward, who inspires us. Together with you a Shape idea and broaden the spectrum. We do the same with our colleagues. Because what is finer than seeing a colleague grow, develop and evolve? Discovering someone's strengths, embracing them and moving forward with them. At Titeca we are genuinely proud On our people. On our entrepreneurs. On you.

Michael Van de Velde, office manager


Wetteren office

ON: 0423.100.736
RPR Ghent, section Ghent

Office Manager

Michael Van de Velde, Partner
Frank Vercruysse
Frank Vercruysse, Partner
Bram Cornelis
Bram Cornelis, Partner

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