Come on in, we'd love to listen to your story.

Our door is always open, literally. Because you as a customer personal, family and warm welcome, that's what we think is important. Do you have a question, want to discuss an idea or just get a view of the overall picture?

Don't hesitate, just stop by. We find that - really - much nicer than getting an email.

Constant in evolution

That we are on professional level want to be there for you, make sure your file is complete and that all the numbers are correct, is obvious. But also on a personal level we want to mean something to you. We are more than an accountant. We are curious about how you are doing, fascinated by what comes across your path and curious about what you are striving for. The fact that you as a customer appreciate this, feel supported or inspired, is what we do it for. Adding something extra for you, creating added value and giving you new insights. That motivates us.

That's why we like to immerse ourselves in your work, sector and lifestyle. From dialogue often come the most beautiful ideas and the greatest confidence. So we try to keep that alive. Both with you as a customer, and with our employees.

Because just as we are with you co-entrepreneurship, we also form a strong team internally that likes to work together and go for the goals as a close-knit group. Your goals. Our goals. Together we strive to achieve them proactive, professional and productive to achieve.

Titeca is constantly evolving. As an accountancy group, but above all as an equipe of like-minded, local offices that has a human approach. Which advises both broadly and highly specialized. Who celebrates special and modest successes. Who pursues administrative digitization, then individually looks at the next steps. Who thinks big, but acts personally. So be sure to keep our low threshold in mind. Will you be stepping over it again soon? If only to let us know how you are doing.

Brecht Van Thuyne, office manager Waregem


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