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(Junior) social law lawyer


(Junior) social law lawyer


Roeselare, Ghent, Kortrijk

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This is where you want to "smite" you daily:

You will assist your colleagues and clients in a wide range of social law matters:

  • You advise clients on the legal framework regarding recruitment, dismissal, working hours and flexibility, cross-border employment, social elections, (false) self-employment, pensions, etc.
  • You will be responsible for negotiating, drafting and reviewing various agreements and documentation such as employment contracts and employment regulations, independent cooperation agreements, car policies, expense policies, multimedia policies, termination letters...
  • You will accompany clients on social inspections and conduct socio-legal audits.
  • You follow up on socio-legal current events, gather that knowledge and pour it into clear language for your colleagues and clients.
  • You will assist your colleagues with larger cross-law projects. You will guide colleagues in the social law aspects of acquisitions and restructurings.

Furthermore, you work out compensation optimizations and assist employers in (re)arranging their compensation structures:

  • You will prepare payroll calculations and develop payroll policies tailored to the client's needs.
  • You will assist clients in figuring out payroll optimizations for employers and the self-employed while also looking for the best solution for the employee.
  • You verify the client's eligibility for wage subsidies.

Finally, you are the confidant and sparring partner in human resources matters:

  • You have the opportunity to assist clients in matters outside of social law. For example, you may participate in developing a compensation policy, drafting job descriptions, thinking about corporate culture and employee satisfaction....
  • You are a permanent sounding board for our client-entrepreneurs. In your advice you take into account not only what is legally possible, but also what is most desirable for the client, tailored to his/her business.
  • You are the bridge between the client and the social office.


You can identify with this:

  • You have a thorough interest in labor and social security law.
  • Ideally, you will have a master's degree in law.
  • You are at the start of your career or have already had your first short professional experience.
  • A basic knowledge of payroll taxation, HR and business law are a nice plus. You are at least open to acquiring a thorough basic knowledge in these matters.
  • You succeed in turning legal complexity into practical advice that our clients also understand.
  • You are a real "plant puller" and do not shy away from completing files independently.
  • Brushing up on your knowledge in a wide range of human resources issues is music to your ears.
  • Collegiality, team spirit and fun are not out of your vocabulary.


Here's what to expect:

At Titeca we think it's important to be able to throw yourself into your responsibilities with full energy. Here you can really be who you are and discover what talents you excel in. Wriggling around in a form that doesn't suit you? We don't!

But of course that's not all, here you can also count on:

  • A salary package that evolves with you based on your knowledge, experience and impact on our organization.
  • Lots of fringe benefits including a collective bonus system, choice to optimize your year-end bonus and the opportunity to drive around in a Titeca company car.
  • Recognizing the importance of your physical, psychological and social well-being. We believe in happy colleagues who get satisfaction from what they love to do. That's why we offer you peace of mind in the form of group insurance, hospitalization insurance and supplemental outpatient plan.
  • The àller best training and coaching so that you don't just rely on professional, as well as lifelong learning on a personal level. In addition, you can enjoy an annual external training budget, numerous internal training courses and use of the training credit.
  • The opportunity to productive grow your way. When you start, you will have a mentor by your side, who will help you well on your way during your first months. Are you interested in roles and talents in addition to your job? Our talent room will help you get started.
  • A full month's leave! That's 30 times not having to set your alarm clock.
  • We guard the healthy balance between your job and your social life. And we offer flexibility, such as the possibility to work from home and our system of flexible working.
  • A close-knit Titeca family that warmly welcomes you. Just get ready for (lots of) team builds and lavish afterworks where we take each other's #enthousiasm.
  • A corporate culture committed to sustainability, even beyond nature and climate.
  • Sports buddies who love buzz. Padel club, cycling club, running club? Join the club!
  • And where your career is headed? That's up to you proactive in hand. Advancement opportunities are already up for grabs at Titeca.


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