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Meet Titeca. We are a rapidly growing, full-service accounting group with a vibrant belief that fun and work go hand in hand. Titeca helps entrepreneurs & businesses grow in a professional and personal way. We go beyond accountancy per se and love to strategize, discuss and philosophize with our entrepreneurs, as a partner in life. So it's safe to say that we don't have an average approach.

For our Pro Experts, we are looking for a Legal-HR Advisor To join our social justice team.


You can identify with this:

  • You have a thorough interest in labor and social security law, ideally you specialize in it.
  • You succeed in turning legal complexity into practical advice that our clients also understand.
  • Field experience is a plus, but not a must.
  • You are a real "plant puller" and do not shy away from completing files independently.
  • Brushing up on your knowledge in a wide range of human resources issues is music to your ears.
  • A basic knowledge of payroll tax, HR and corporate law are nice to have, but certainly not a requirement. However, you are open to acquiring a thorough basic knowledge in these matters;
  • Collegiality, team spirit and fun are not out of your vocabulary.


This is where you want to "smite" you daily:

You assist your colleagues and customers in a wide range of social law issues: from hiring to firing, from starting up as self-employed to drawing a pension, (false) self-employment, ...


  • Thus, you are responsible for editing, negotiating and proofreading various agreements and documents: e.g. agency agreements, service agreements, various policies, resignation letters, ...
  • You will accompany clients on social inspections and conduct socio-legal audits.
  • You follow up on socio-legal current events, gather that knowledge and pour it into clear language for your colleagues and clients.
  • You will assist your colleagues with larger cross-jurisdictional projects, such as acquisitions and restructurings.


Furthermore, you work remuneration optimizations out and assist employers in (re)arranging their compensation structures:


  • You will prepare payroll calculations and develop payroll policies tailored to the client's needs.
  • You will assist clients in devising payroll optimizations for employers and the self-employed.
  • You verify the client's eligibility for wage subsidies and relieve him/her in applying for them.


Finally, you are the confidant and sparring partner in human resources:


  • You will assist clients in matters outside of social law: developing compensation policies, drafting job descriptions, thinking about corporate culture and employee satisfaction, ...
  • You are a permanent sounding board for our client-entrepreneurs. In your advice you take into account not only what is legally possible, but also what is most desirable for the client, on the scale of his/her business.


We too are doing our part. Titeca offers you:

  • An open-ended contract, because security means one less worry.
  • A monthly salary that makes you happy.
  • Numerous fringe benefits, a training budget, bonus system and possibility of a company car.
  • The necessary flexibility with the possibility of working from home.
  • A balanced work-life ratio, where you organize your work yourself according to sliding hours. Because we understand that you also have a social life outside your job.
  • Der-tig (yep, a full month) of leave.
  • The right to keep growing. Aim very high, we are here to support and guide you in any way we can.
  • An occasional team building (is every month still occasional?). So we hope you enjoy having a good laugh now and then, together with your - more than 250 - colleagues.
  • FRIYAY drinks, healthy and not so healthy 'after works' and a veritable Titeca cycling club.
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Meet Titeca. We are a rapidly growing, full-service accountancy group With a vibrant belief that fun and work go hand in hand. Titeca helps entrepreneurs & businesses grow in a professional and personal way